Cardinals Cheerleaders



I am a native to the sunny state of Arizona and am the baby of my family.

I am a native to the sunny state of Arizona and am the baby of my family. Growing up, my family was my main source of support and was always there pushing me to achieve my dreams.

This is my third season with the Cardinals and no words can fully describe how amazing my past two years have been. Some of my favorite memories have been performing at halftime with Lifehouse on Monday night football, visiting and performing for the troops, attending All Pro Convention in Atlanta, Georgia and being cheerleader of the week two years in a row. I feel blessed to be a second time veteran and am more than ready to help cheer the Arizona Cardinals on to another Super Bowl.

All of my life I have been an over achiever and once again went above and beyond by graduating in three years with a 4.0 GPA. It was May of 2011 when I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. As I now take my first steps into the “real world,” I am eager to explore the opportunities that lie ahead.

When I am not practicing, I can be found at Starbucks ordering either a caramel macchiato or a white chocolate mocha. Also in my free time I enjoy writing and hope to one day become an author. To me, a big part of life is about experiencing everything there is to offer. I continually add things to my bucket list, which includes making a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Italy, changing someone’s life, and watching a meteor shower while laying on the beach.

I am looking forward to another amazing year cheering on the field at the University of Phoenix stadium in front of 65,000 devoted Cardinal fans.