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The Memory of Hightower

Posted Aug 10, 2009

One practice left today before the flight to Pittsburgh tomorrow (there is a brief walkthrough at the team facility Wednesday morning). When we finally come back to Flag Sunday, there will only be a few days left of training camp before going back to the heat of the Valley. As a quick aside, here's a good story on cbssports.com about Kurt Warner (and yes, I have a bias, since Craig Morgan is a former co-worker. But it is a good read, something slightly different given the reams written on Warner over the years).

In the meantime, given Beanie Wells' lingering sprained ankle, the spotlight has clearly turned to Tim Hightower. That makes sense, and I'll have a story up later today that I think provides a little insight to Hightower -- and just high his sights are set. I did ask Hightower to look back a bit, or more specifically, if he had looked back a bit. He scored arguably the most important touchdown in franchise history, the eight-yard screen pass he turned into the game-winning points in the NFC Championship (although I feel certain in saying Hightower would easily give up such a title to Larry Fitzgerald as long as Fitz' catch-and-run had held up two weeks later).

I wanted to know if Hightower had gone back to watch the play and revel in it a bit, that he had scored that TD. He shook his head. He enjoyed doing it, but he said he hasn't really watched the actual play again. For Hightower, it's about looking forward. Always looking forward.

"I have to make some more highlights," Hightower said.


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