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To The Victors Got The Spoils - And For Justin Pugh, The Last Word

Offensive lineman makes sure Raiders fan understood final score

Yes, D.J. Humphries enjoyed very much the Cardinals' victory Sunday. But his favorite part might've been watching teammate Justin Pugh run away from the celebration -- because of what it meant.

After Byron Murphy returned the fumble for the game-winning touchdown, everyone raced on the field in the direction of Murphy. Except Pugh, who ran past Humphries in the opposite direction. Seems the Cardinals -- and in particular, the offensive line -- had a personal heckler who did not let up the whole afternoon. Pugh just wasn't going to let that stand.

"We passed, I was like, 'That didn't really make sense,' " Humphries said. "But after (Pugh) explained to me what it was I was like, 'I am so glad you went over there. I was ignoring him the whole game, but I was so glad you went to him after the game.' "

Sources close to the action said the heckler never really was profane, but definitely didn't let up.

"It felt like he was on the bench, it felt like he was directly behind us yelling," Humphries said. "That's how loud he was. And Pugh beelined to him after the game."

Humphries was not impressed with the heckler's material, either.

"You know sometimes you get heckled and you're like, 'He's killing me right now,' " Humphries said with a smile. "He was non-stop but he was awful. It was cringe, like, 'You sound like the president of a fan club right now.' You need to learn from the guys in Cleveland, learn how to talk trash, (like in) Buffalo."

Pugh told Humphries what he told the heckler, but Humphries wasn't going there.

"We do not have enough bleeps for what he said," Humphries said. "But (the heckler) got the message for sure."

G Justin Pugh
G Justin Pugh