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What To Call Hjalte Froholdt, The 'Danish Army Knife'

That's YELL-duh, in case you were wondering

The current starting center for the Cardinals is named Hjalte Froholdt. Froholdt, that's easily enough pronounced. His first name?

YELL-duh is the correct way. But he's heard a lot of ways, and to be frank, he's not picky.

"One of our nutrition girls, she made me a shake and wrote YOLO on it, I thought that was pretty cool," Froholdt said. "Yoda I've gotten a couple of times. 'Huge-John-Tay' a couple times, that was pretty cool. A lot of people just call me Fro for my last name."

"I take it however you want to say it and that's correct," he added with a laugh. "However you want to say it, I'm like, 'That's really good.' "

Froholdt is from Denmark, but he's been in the U.S. after playing football at Arkansas and going into the NFL. He and his wife settled in Phoenix a couple of years ago, not wanting to have the expense of living in California (where his wife is from).

"I didn't think I'd love it as much as I did," he said. "I love the heat. I'm from the North, a Viking, whatever. 'Hey, you were born in the cold.' But I love the heat."

But about that name. Put aside Hjalte for a moment. Froholdt -- whose sharp sense of humor is obvious minutes into any conversation -- took what he's done as a mostly reserve offensive lineman in the league and has called himself the Danish Army Knife.

He played a little bit of fullback last season with the Browns (where current Cardinals OC Drew Petzing was coaching) as well as a little bit of tight end, as well as guard and center.

"It's important to be plug-and-play and not let those standards fall too much," Froholdt said. "I take a lot of pride in knowing all my assignments. I take a lot of pride in that.

"It was a little play on words, the Danish Army Knife, but I appreciate you catching it because a lot of people didn't and I thought it was amazing."