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Whatever Kingsbury's Offense Might Be, He's Keeping It To Himself

Kliff Kingsbury said he enjoyed his first NFL meetings this week, in part because he had a chance to talk to all the other coaches around the league. The Cardinals' coach said he felt there was a "solidarity" among head coaches in the NFL because they understand what goes into the job and the pressure of coaching in the league.

"It's more about the overall brand of the NFL rather than guys trying to protect any secrets," Kingsbury said.

That doesn't mean Kingsbury is going to start broadcasting his plans to the world at large. With the many questions asked of the new coach over the past few months about his offense and what it might look like, Kingsbury has often deferred to saying "we'll see" or that it will depend on what personnel plays where.

But Kingsbury acknowledged there was more to it than just waiting until players could get on the field. It does not sound like any sweeping promises or proclamations will be forthcoming. Not from the head coach, who said that the vague way he has talked about his offensive scheme is both about waiting to see about his players and about playing it close to the vest.

"I think we're definitely going to try to build it around our personnel and what we do well," Kingsbury said. "But at the same time, we're not going to give away too much."

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