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A Dockett tweet

There is nothing like coming to work on a Monday and seeing more rumblings about the Cards' disgruntled players. But there it was, on Drew Rosenhaus’ Twitter feed (at this point, I suppose it's better to hear him say something with his name rather than just constantly leaking things anonymously to or This time, Darnell Dockett is the subject, and like last week's mention of Anquan Boldin, it is more wishful thinking: "While the Cardinals insist they won't trade him, I feel several teams would give up a 1st round pick and more for my client Darnell Dockett."

Why, I have no doubt. Good defensive linemen are at a premium in this league. Dockett is worth a good trade value, especially at his current contract. And it is always easier for an agent/player to ask for a new contract after a trade. Any team giving up a bounty of picks would want to keep that new player happy with a new deal. Besides, the new team isn't going to feel the same as the Cardinals – that Dockett was willing (with Rosenhaus as his agent, mind you) to take that $7-plus million in bonuses in that five-year extension he signed in 2006, a deal that didn't kick in until 2007. Dockett, despite a slightly lesser résumé than teammate Anquan Boldin, is probably more valuable on the open market, given his position and health over the years. But again, the Cards aren't giving up an anchor to the defensive line, not one with three years on his deal.

I am thinking about making a similar tweet: "While the 49ers insist they won't trade him, I feel several teams would give up a 1st round pick and more for Patrick Willis." True, no? Yet it holds about the same weight as the Dockett comment.

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