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A-Dub finally gets his deal

The news is now out there -- Adrian Wilson![](/team/roster/adrian-wilson/c2004351-5f4d-45aa-a787-13e610e61259/ "Adrian Wilson") has a new five-year contract. It's a long time coming and not unexpected; progress was being made and truth be told, having talked to Adrian a few times in the locker room over the last week or so, he was a little too happy to not have good news on the horizon. We'll hear from A-Dub in a couple of hours, but the idea the guy who has given so much to the organization (and who has wanted to stay here, period, even before last year's Super Bowl run) gets a new deal is huge from so many angles. The team needed to reward such a player and such a person. No financial numbers yet, but I'll be shocked if they aren't circulating by the end of the day.

Wilson was with the rest of the team earlier today on their annual Skip-an-OTA-to-bowl outing. There's a good reason now, of course; I did hear Adrian may have passed up a chance to attend Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight to get this contract announced and a press conference held. Given what it means, I would guess Wilson doesn't mind much.

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