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"All Or Nothing" Recap: All Or Nothing?

A look at the eighth episode of the NFL Films/Amazon series

"All or Nothing," the groundbreaking series which followed the Cardinals from the start of the 2015 season through the NFC Championship game, is currently streaming on Amazon. NFL Films was given unprecedented access into both the professional and personal lives of the team's players, coaches and executives, resulting in thousands of hours of footage and eight one-hour episodes.[




Episode Summary: The Cardinals are riding high after the memorable win over the Packers in the NFC Divisional Round, but must quickly turn their attention to the Panthers in the NFC Championship game. The start of the episode details the lead-up, from the media responsibilities to film room to practice. As all Cardinals fans know, the game quickly got off-kilter, and the episode focused on the crucial juncture just before halftime. A David Johnson touchdown cut the deficit to 17-7 and the defense forced a three-and-out. However, cornerback Patrick Peterson fumbled the ensuing punt and the Panthers scored to make it a three-possession game. It was clear the wind was completely out of the Cardinals' sails, and Carolina went on to the easy win. Quarterback Carson Palmer fought to the end despite a subpar performance, answering with a matter-of-fact "no" when coach Bruce Arians asked if he wanted to take a late knee.

Arians summed up the feelings succinctly in his final postgame speech of the season. "It was a hell of a job taking another step this year, but when you get to this point, man, this thing's bitter for a while," Arians said. In exit interviews the next day, running backs coach Stump Mitchell told running back David Johnson he should be a Hall of Famer if he stays healthy. The series wraps up with Arians turning the lights out in his office, lamenting the fact that the Cardinals accomplished so much but, in the end, fell short of the stated Super Bowl goal.

Most Riveting Scene:  Larry Fitzgerald has put together one of the most distinguished careers of any wideout in NFL history, but he's yet to win a Super Bowl. The 2015 season was one of his best shots, and Fitzgerald was torn up in the postgame locker room. He sat with his face buried in his palms after the game, still in his jersey, while cornerback Patrick Peterson tried to console him. The normally cool and collected Fitzgerald was teary-eyed in his postgame press conference.

Something We Learned:  While it was also evident from afar, the Cardinals were flummoxed when trying to slow down the Carolina offense. Defensive coordinator James Bettcher encapsulated the helpless feeling early in the game in a chat with Peterson. "What's going to calm us down?" Bettcher said. "I'm trying to find what's going to calm us down, bro. I'm trying to find it for us. (Expletive)!"

Stars of the Episode: Fitzgerald was the headliner as the cameras vividly caught his anguish after the loss. Bettcher was featured at home with his wife and two kids and then wore a microphone during the game. As always, Arians was his riveting self on the sideline throughout the contest.

Line of the Episode: "This is how people are going to remember us. We ain't no (expletive) presidents and (expletive). This is how people are going to remember us, dog, so why not go hard for this (expletive)?" – injured safety Tyrann Mathieu, speaking to the defense in advance of the NFC Championship game.

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