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"All Or Nothing" Recap: The Penthouse

A look at the third episode of the NFL Films/Amazon series

"All or Nothing," the groundbreaking series which followed the Cardinals from the start of the 2015 season through the NFC Championship game, is currently streaming on Amazon. NFL Films was given unprecedented access into both the professional and personal lives of the team's players, coaches and executives, resulting in thousands of hours of footage and eight one-hour episodes.



Episode Summary: In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh loss, Tyrann Mathieu takes the blame for making a poor play on the final long TD by Martavis Bryant. Defensive line coach Brentson Buckner, quickly turning into one of the hidden stars of the series, once again reminds players they can't just turn it on whenever they want to and be successful. We're introduced to Michael Bidwill's dog, Reilly, who is Bidwill's constant companion. The Cardinals notch a couple of wins against the Ravens – thanks in large part to a big Chris Johnson game – and then rally to win in Cleveland with a big second half. In between, the history of Tyrann Mathieu's arrival in Arizona is covered.

The Cardinals get their bye week (with Bruce Arians heading home to boat by his "Forever House" in Georgia) before the team reconvenes for their big game in Seattle. There's an introduction to guard Mike Iupati and his family, which carries weight when Iupati has to leave the Seahawks game in an ambulance (Iupati turns out OK and is in the locker room by game's end.) Mathieu delivers a passionate speech to the defense before the game, and the Cardinals end up beating their division rivals in dramatic fashion.

Most Riveting Scene: It couldn't be anything else but Mathieu's emotional plea to his teammates in the

defense-only meeting held every Friday right after practice ends – in this case, with the Seahawks' game straight ahead.

"It ain't really about assignments, or what you're supposed to do," Mathieu says. "It's really about heart. (Expletive) takes a lot of courage to play these people. They are a quality football team. So us as a group, we've got to be courageous. And it can't be fake courage. This (expletive) has to be real – we cannot be scared of them. We're going to walk in that (expletive) and it's going to be crazy. Who's gonna break first? Who's gonna break first?!? … We've got to be one. We've got to tackle as one. We've got to fight as one. We've got to communicate as one. Because they can't (expletive) with us when we're all on the same page, dog."

Something We Learned: Arians isn't shy in making a point. Practice squad defensive lineman Lawrence Okoye is released, and we find out he was cut at least in part because he parked in a spot reserved for season-ticket holders after the players were told not to do so. Previously, Arians had warned players not to park in his spot. Parking correctly – more importantly, following the rules – is a big deal.

Stars of the Episode: Mathieu. Whether it is once again hearing Arians talk about how much of a connection the two have or just going over the roller-coaster ride the safety had just to make it to the NFL, Mathieu clearly has emerged as the soul of the team.

Line of the Episode: "The NFL is very political, and my husband is incapable of playing politics." – Chris Arians, wife of coach Bruce Arians.

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