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Almost time to go

It's just about time.

Saw Sean Morey, sporting a new haircut (Mohawk? He had a hat on but I'm thinking toned-down Mohawk). Saw a handful of players working on pitch-and-catch this morning, including Matt Leinart throwing to Jerheme Urban, Steve Breaston, Lance Long and Dom Byrd. Saw Steve Spach still faithfully showing up, working on rehabbing his surgically repaired knee, hoping he is cleared for practice. Saw a bunch of offensive linemen – Levi, Mike Gandy, Reggie Wells, Brandon Keith – getting in a workout. Sometimes it's hard to tell because you feel like you are melting when you walk to your car for lunch, but it is football season again.

The only news that may still happen today is Beanie signing. They're working on getting that done, but I have no idea if it will get done. The guy drafted behind Beanie, Pittsburgh DT Evander Hood, got a five-year deal (the fifth year is a team option) worth a reported $11.3 million, with $6.1 million of that guaranteed. Bonuses are a shade over $2 million. That would seem to be the Beanie floor (Titans wideout Kenny Britt, taken the pick before Beanie, has yet to sign and create a ceiling).

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