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Anderson's Toughness

Notebook: Quarterback beat up, but "it's well worth it."


Quarterback Derek Anderson took some hits against the Rams, but rallied to bring the Cardinals back to a victory in St. Louis.

It cost the Cardinals a timeout, but Derek Anderson wasn't coming out of the game Sunday.

And the massive hit he took to the chest, the one that momentarily sent him to the ground and forced that timeout? In light of the Cards' win, "it's well worth it," Anderson said.

For anyone looking for reasons why Anderson emerged as the starting quarterback for the Cards, that sequence may just crystallize the thought process.

"There is a mentality with our offensive line about being tough and when our quarterback does what he did, they will obviously rally around him and work to protect him," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "That's a good thing. What I liked the best is how he responded and made plays at the end."

Anderson came back on the play after getting hit and found Steve Breaston for a 22-yard completion on third-and-16. A play like that – and the way Anderson mentally put aside his struggles to complete 6-of-7 passes on the game-winning touchdown drive – are the things that win over a coach and teammates.

Big hits are "something that comes with the position," Anderson said. "I'm alright."

Besides, after finally winning the starting quarterback job, surrendering his spot – even for one play – doesn't appeal to Anderson.

"I told (backup) Max (Hall), I'm never going to hang him out to dry," Anderson said. "I'm never going to just say, 'It hurts too bad, I have to come out.' They are going to have to pull me out."

Exactly what would it take to have that happen? "I hope we don't find out," Whisenhunt said.


The Cardinals brought back fullback Reagan Maui'a Tuesday to replace one-week starter Jerome Johnson. Maui'a is in his third stint with the Cards, having been cut at the end of 2009's training camp, at the beginning of this year's training camp, and then -- after being brought back -- cut again after the preseason.

Johnson was picked up on waivers, leading to Maui'a's most recent release.

"I just think Jerome did a good job but he didn't have a lot of experience at the position," Whisenhunt said. "There were a couple of plays where that position needed to make the adjustment and (Johnson) didn't have the feel for it. We just don't have time to develop him so you go back to what you know and live with that."


Whisenhunt said rookie Andre Roberts is ready to compete with fellow rookie Max Komar as punt returner. Komar fumbled twice in the role last weekend (although he recovered both). Roberts had rehabbed from an injured shoulder.

"That's definitely something we will consider," Whisenhunt said of Roberts. "He has shown in practice he's back to full speed."

Steve Breaston tweeted this in the afternoon too: "This week will I 'return'??? hmmmm." Given the Cards' thin receiving corps, however, risking Breaston as punt returner may not be Whisenhunt's choice.

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