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Assessing the Q market

Will the Cardinals now get a flood of phone calls from teams inquiring about Anquan Boldin? I'd guess it'd be more than what they would have gotten, but let's face it, as the draft grows closer, some of those calls were going to take place regardless of whether the Cards went public yesterday – which is why the Cards did go public, because in this day and age, that stuff is eventually leaked in one way or another, whether it would be through a team or through Boldin agent Drew Rosenhaus.

So now we look at the teams that might be willing to look into trading for Q – because I do think the pool of possibilities has grown. These teams may or may not have the firepower to pull off a trade that the Cards would like, but we will see.

The Eagles and the Giants are the most obvious. Both have been looking for a top-end receiver for a while and both have the draft capital and/or players to make it work. The Redskins like Boldin too and have for a while. But ultimately, I'd be very leery to make any trade with a team that the Cards could see in the postseason. If Philly offered both its first-round picks (which they are not going to do), then I would probably have to pull the trigger. But short of that, I just wouldn't.

One fan – judging by the e-mail, I was guessing a Vikings fan – sent me a trade proposal with Minnesota. Again, I'd shy away from an NFC playoff team. But his suggestion was WR Sidney Rice and the 22nd and 54th picks in the draft for Boldin and the 31st pick. Number one, I don't think the Cards would want a receiver in return – they don't need one, with Steve Breaston and a draft pick invested in Early Doucet. Besides, if the Vikings didn't want to chase a QB like Jay Cutler, I don't know how interested they'd be in a new wide receiver.

So we move to the AFC, and specifically, the two AFC teams in Florida, where Boldin is from (and where he is this weekend hosting his Q Foundation's charity weekend). Boldin already said he'd love to play for the Dolphins. That was recent. And's Pete Prisco, who lives in Jacksonville and is close to the Jaguars' organization, suggests the Jaguars would love Boldin and have in fact talked to the Cards. I don't know what they can offer – the Jaguars have the No. 8 selection, which a) may be too high to offer and b) may not be what the Cards want, given how this draft's players may not match up with the high dollars such a pick would get. But again, it would get Boldin out of the conference, which to me, has got to be a priority.

There are other possibilities of course. Baltimore could use a high-profile wideout. Would Todd Haley want Q in Kansas City? Yes, despite their NFC title game tiff. But I don't see GM Scott Pioli wanting to ante up a big WR contract.

That is the other major factor with all this, of course. The Cards are listening to offers but it's not like they told Rosenhaus he can go broker a deal. Which means whatever could happen – and I'm not sure we're any closer to a trade than we were, say, a week ago – will eventually have to go through Boldin because he wants a fat, new contract. Any team trading for him would know this, of course, but knowing and doing are different. I wouldn't think that would scotch a trade, but you never know.

I do know this: It makes for lots of speculation and lots of publicity. Because we don't know what the Cards would want for Q (ESPN is reporting it is a first- and third-round draft pick), it's impossible to know how likely a trade would be. Don't forget, the Cards insist keeping Q is still option No. 1.

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