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Boldin looks like he'll stay

Following up on today's earlier news, GM Rod Graves said the lone trade offer for Anquan Boldin "didn't come close to something we'd consider" and Graves thinks Boldin is going to remain in Arizona. Things can always change on draft day, of course, but talking to Graves, it certainly didn't sound as if that change would come from the Cardinals' side. Either some team comes with a better offer -- and that potential contract Boldin wants is a big reason teams are hesitant right now, it looks like -- or Boldin will stay.

UPDATE: In light of the ESPN report about the Cards being willing to deal Q for a second-rounder and a player, I'd say, why? Why tell teams that now, well before the draft? Why would they even consider dealing Boldin for such little bounty? Breaking it down, it makes no sense. The leak(s) had to come from some place other than the Cardinals, because it would make no sense for the Cards to do so. That said, why would a team offer up such info, because wouldn't a team jump on such a bargain-basement deal? After sitting with Graves -- who ultimately would pull the trigger on this thing -- justa  couple of hours ago, I find it very hard to believe this is true.

UPDATE II: Given that it is easy to see why so many different teams, around all parts of the NFL, would find it much easier to suddenly jump into trying to get Q if all the Cards wanted was a lousy second-rounder, doesn't that just illustrate such a price is too low?

UPDATE III: And by the way, Graves said all this before ESPN came out with their report. It was not in response to such a report; in fact, Graves was all very matter-of-fact with everything. I originally posted the story before even hearing the new rumor.

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