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Cardinals Prepare For London Trip

Adrian Peterson can give advice having just played there with Saints


Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu holds up the Union Jack flag during his visit to London this summer.

The Cardinals traveled to London Monday, but Adrian Peterson was traveling back to London.

The running back has already been there this season. While playing for the Saints, Peterson was there for a game against the Dolphins at Wembley Stadium in Week 4, so he has a good idea what his new teammates must expect.

Peterson will also benefit from a second bye as well – the Saints had a bye after their London game, just like the Cardinals will next week after playing the Rams at Twickenham Stadium.

"It's going to be pretty cool," Peterson said. "The adjusting to the time change, I'm not really looking forward to that, because it took me like two days. It was like Wednesday or early Thursday before I

really felt like I was here, home, on a regular schedule. Getting back was rough, as well.

"(But) great people down there in London. It's a great crowd, a great fan base. That'll be fun. The bye, I'll definitely enjoy that second bye. I can tell you that much."

The Saints beat the Dolphins, 20-0. The Dolphins didn't leave for England until Friday. The Rams, who played in Jacksonville Sunday, are staying there until leaving for London late Thursday night.

The Cardinals are staying at the same hotel as the Saints did, allowing Peterson even more familiarity.

The Cards fly out Monday evening and arrive Tuesday in the late morning. They will have a walkthrough as soon as they get to the hotel, in an attempt to get acclimated to the time change. Regular practice begins Wednesday as usual.

Coach Bruce Arians praised director of football operations Matt Caracciolo for organizing the massive undertaking. Arians said the team talked to multiple sources that have made the trip and have had success, in an effort to craft the best logistical plan. Practices will be held later in the day.

Kickoff for the game will be 6 p.m. London time – 10 a.m. in Arizona.

"We're not going to Europe for a sightseeing trip," Arians said. "We're going for a business trip."

Safety Tyrann Mathieu has already been to the area, having been the centerpiece of a summer promotional tour by the NFL for local media in London. Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has long been a world traveler, accustomed to the impact it can have on a body.

"I'm going to try to do my best to stay up as long as I can so that when I get in, I get a workout in and stay up so I can go to sleep around 8:30 or 9 o'clock (in London) and kind of force my body to get on that time zone as fast as possible," Fitzgerald said. "If it works, it works. Sometimes it doesn't."

Images of safety Tyrann Mathieu on a promotional tour in London before the Cards play there in October

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