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Cardinals vs. 49ers

The Cardinals open regular season play Sunday against San Francisco at Candlestick Park.

Cardinals Inactives
QB Brian St. Pierre
RB J.J. Arrington
T Brandon Keith
DT Alan Branch
WR Early Doucet
TE Jerame Tuman
DT Gabe Watson

1st Quarter
Cards win coin toss, defer to receive kickoff in second half.
Neil Rackers' kickoff goes nine yards deep into endzone for touchback.
49ers' first-and-10 at their 20-yard line. J.T. O'Sullivan at quarterback for San Francisco. Frank Gore runs up the middle for four yards. O'Sullivan rolls right, throws ball away out of bounds. On third-and-six O'Sullivan passes incomplete. Fourth-and-six punt by Andy Lee goes 50 yards, 49ers called for ineligible player downfield, so there will be a re-kick on fourth-and-11 at the 13. Lee drops the snap, but manages to get off 39-yard punt, returned 18 yards by Steve Breaston.
Cardinals first-and-10 at the 40, 13:41 on the clock. Kurt Warner in at quarterback for Cardinals. Warner immediately passes to Larry Fitzgerald on left side for 21 yards to the 49ers 19. On first down Edgerrin James runs right for nine yards, then plows into the middle for two yards and a first down at the eight. Warner's pass into left corner of end zone for Fitzgerald incomplete. James takes pitch right, run out of bounds for no gain. Third-and-goal now, three receivers in, Warner passes incomplete to Leonard Pope in end zone. Rackers'25-yard field goal is good, Arizona takes 3-0 lead with 11:06 left in the first quarter. The scoring drive was seven plays, 33 yards, 2:35 time of possession.
Rackers' kickoff taken five yards deep in end zone by Allen Rossum, returns 14 yards to the 10, but 49ers penalized half the distance to the goal for illegal block. Penalty is half the distance to the goal, and San Francisco takes over first-and-10 at its five-yard line. Gore runs left, Gore loses the ball, 49ers recover. Now second-and-10 at the four-yard line. Zak Keasey catches pass for seven, drilled by Darnell Dockett and loses the ball, Karlos Dansby recovers at the 11.
Cards first-and-10 at the 11, 9:19 left in the quarter. James runs for two yards on first down, then drops screen pass from Warner. On third-an-8, Warner passes over the middle for Tim Hightower inside the five, but Card Wayne Gandy called for late hit after the whistle. With the 15-yard penalty, result is fourth-and-16 at the 17. Rackers' 35-yard field goal is wide right.
49ers take over at the 25, 8:43 to play in the first quarter. Gore runs right for nine yards, then gets the first down with a run of five more to the39. O'Sullivan passes complete over the middle to Bryant Johnson for 16 yards and another first down at the Card 47. Gore carries again, finds four yards off right tackle, then on second and six hits up the right side again, stays on his feet, bounces left toward the middle of the field, and outraces Card defenders to the end zone for a 41-yard touchdown. Joe Nedney kicks the extra point and San Francisco takes a 7-3 lead with 6:00 left in the first period.
Nedney's kickoff taken by Breaston at the 11-yard line, tackled at the 12. Cardinals first-and-10 at their 12, 5:55 on the clock. James picks four yards up the middle, then on a draw play goes for five more. On third-and-one, Cards on quick snap, Warner sneak inches short of the first down. On fourth-and-one Dirk Johnson in to punt. Johnson punts 59 yards, downed at the 20-yard line.
San Francisco first-and-10 at the 29, 4:15 to play in the quarter. Gore runs right for one yard, then goes right again and finds seven more. On third-and-two at the 28, O'Sullivan passes complete to DeShaun Foster in the left flat, turns upfield for 12 yards and a first down. O'Sullivan under pressure, complete screen pass to Keasey for six yards to the 46. O'Sullivan quick toss left to Johnson, pushed out of bounds at the 47 for gain of one. Now third-and-3 at the 47, Card safety Adrian Wilson steps in front of pass over the middle, returns six yards to the 33.
Cardinals first-and-10 at the 33, James runs left for four yards, then Warner's pass over the middle for Anquan Boldin broken up to force a third-and-six. 49ers take first time out with 20 seconds left in the first quarter. 49ers on the blitz, Warner sacked for loss of seven yards as first quarter ends.

2nd Quarter
Johnson punts 35 yards, downed the one-yard line by Clark Haggans. San Francisco first-and-10 at its one. Gore runs up middle for six, then carries left for two more. On third-and-two at the nine, O'Sullivan under pressure, sacked by Travis LaBoy for no yards. Lee punts from own end zone, fair catch by Breaston at the 42, a punt of 49 yards.
Arizona's first possession of the second quarter begins at its 42, 13:15 left in the second quarter. Warner on play-action passes complete to Tim Castille for four yards, then one a delay James up the middle for 10 yards and a first down at the 44. Hightower runs right for three yards, then James on a draw stopped for no gain. Third-and-7 at the 41, under 11 minutes left in the quarter, Warner has time, finds Breaston open deep down right sideline for 40 yards to the one-yard line. On first down, Warner complete to Fitzgerald on fade route in left corner in end zone for the touchdown. Rackers kicks the extra point and Arizona takes 10-7 lead with 10:25 until halftime. Drive was six plays, 58 yards, 2:50 possession.
Rackers' kickoff taken by Rossum two yards deep in end zone, returns 44 yards. 49ers first-and-10 at the 43-yard line. On first down, O'Sullivan complete deep over the middle to Vernon Davis for 37 yards to the Card 20-yard line. O'Sullivan back to pass, Card end Bertrand Berry strips O'Sullivan from behind, fumble recovered by Antonio Smith at the 21 and returned 16 yards to the 37-yard line. 49ers request replay review challenging the fumble, but replay confirms call on the field.
Cardinals first-and-10 at the 37, just over nine minutes left in the half. James runs right for nine yards, then again takes the handoff and finds nine more to the 46-yard line. A third-straight run by James good for four yards, then a delay to Hightower is stopped for no gain. Third-and-six at the 41, Warner sacked for loss of seven. Johnson in for this third punt of the game, another good placement kick downed at the 10-yard line.
49ers take over first-and-10 at the 10, 6:11 left in the half. 49ers flagged for illegal formation on Gore run for two yards, so Cards decline the penalty. Now second-and-eight at the 12, O'Sullivan has plenty of time, finds Gore over the middle for 14 yards to the 26. O'Sullivan again with no pressure, complete to Johnson on square-in for 31 yards to the 43. On first down at the 43, Foster stopped after gain of one yard, then on second-and-nine, O'Sullivan on deep drop rolls right, passes back left complete to Davis for 12 yards. Gore takes short swing pass for five yards, then Foster runs for four yards to the 21 at the two minute warning. On third-and-two at the 21, O'Sullivan throws incomplete. On fourth down, 49ers try to pull Cards offsides with hard count, but to no avail and 49ers call time out before play clock runs out. Nedney's 39-yard field goal try is good, 49ers tie game at 10-10 with 1:52 left in the first half.
Nedney's kickoff into the end zone for touchback. Arizona first-and-10 at the 20. Warner hit in the pocket but manages to get rid of the ball on first down, then passes complete to Hightower in right flat. Now third-and-8 at the 22, Card tackle Levi Brown called for false start. Third-and-13 now at the 17, 1:01 on the game clock, Hightower takes delay handoff for one yard as clock continues to run down. Fourth-and-12 at the 18, game clock still running before Cards call timeout with 10 seconds left in the first half. Johnson's punt fair caught by Rossum at the 34, a 48-yard kick.
49ers first-and-10 at the 34, O'Sullivan takes a knee and first half is complete.
Halftime score: Cardinals 10, 49ers 10

3rd Quarter
Nedney's second-half kickoff taken by Breaston at the three-yard line, returns 19 yards to the22. Warner passes incomplete to Boldin on first down, then is pressured in the pocket and hit as he releases the ball. Third-and-10, Warner complete to Boldin over the middle, breaks two tackles for a gain of 15 to the 37-yard line. Warner's pass to Boldin at right sideline incomplete, then scrambles left and finds Boldin again for 14 yards and the first down at the 49. James carries right for three on first down, and Warner's pass batted down at the line of scrimmage. Now third-and-7, Warner stands tall in the pocket in face of pressure and passes complete to Breaston for 11 yards to the 49ers' 35-yard line with just under 12 minutes to go in the quarter. Warner again to pass on first down, complete to Fitzgerald for nine. Cards in hurry-up mode. Warner hits Boldin for 18 yards to the eight-yard line, but Cards called for illegal block. Result is first-and-goal at the 20-yard line. Hightower take swing pass in right flat, cut to center of field for gain of 12. Second-and-goal at the eight, James runs right for two yards to the six. On third-and-goal Warner sacked for seven-yard loss. Rackers on for 31-yard field goal which is good. Cards take 13-10 lead with 8:25 to play in the quarter, Drive was 15 plays, 65 yards, 6:35 time of possession.
Rackers' kickoff is short and high pop-up, mishandled by 49er' Takeo Spikes, recovered by Matt Ware at the 33. On first down Warner passes complete to Boldin left for six yards, then James up the middle for five yards and a first down at the 22-yard line, clock ticking with seven minutes to play. James runs right for one yard, then Warner passes incomplete for Breaston over the middle. On third-and-9 at the 21 Warner pressured but gets the pass off to James in right flat. However, 49ers called for roughing the passer, penalty is half the distance to the goal. Now first-and-10 just outside the 10-yard line. James runs left for a yard, and Hightower up the middle for five to set up third-and-5 at the five-yard line. Warner complete to Breaston over the middle near the goal line, and a measurement shows Cards two feet short of first down yardage. Cardinals challenge the spot of the ball as Breaston reached the ball out toward the goal line while being tackled. Replay result is ball re-spotted at the half-yard line. Another measurement shows ball is short by one foot. Cards charged with timeout. Cards decide to go for it, and Hightower takes handoff and runs over right guard into the end zone for the touchdown. Drive was eight plays, 33 yards, 4:22 time of possession. Rackers kicks the extra point and Cardinals extend lead to 20-10 with 4:03 left in the third quarter.
Rackers' kickoff is line drive taken by Kentwan Ballmer at the 22-yard line, returns six yards to the 28. O'Sullivan passes deep incomplete down left side on first down, then on second down is pressured out of the pocket and sacked for loss of one by Antrel Rolle. On third-and-11, O'Sullivan passes to Arnaz Battle for 16 yards and first down at the 43. O'Sullivan avoids the rush again, passes complete to Davis for two yards. Gore on toss right good for six yards, and on third-and-two Cards called for offsides, the result is a first down at the 44. San Francisco calls first timeout of the half, 43 seconds remaining in the third quarter. O'Sullivan scrambles away from pass rush, runs out of bounds after gain of two yards. Gore on a delay runs for seven yards as third quarter ends.

4th Quarter
Foster runs for two yards on third-and-one for a first down at the Cardinal 33. O'Sullivan again avoids the rush, dumps ball off to Gore in right flat, who runs for 14 yards and a first down at the 19. O'Sullivan passes short and incomplete to Johnson, then Gore takes a pitch going left and pushed out of bounds after gaining three yards. Now third-and-7 at the 16, Foster runs up middle, breaks a tackle, stopped at the 12. On fourth-and-two Nedney comes on for a 30-yard field goal, which is good and 49ers climb to within seven points as score board reads Cards 20, 49ers 13, with 12:05 left to play.
Nedney's kickoff taken by Breaston at the seven, returns 19 yards to the 26. Warner passes short middle to Leonard Pope for five yards, then James runs left for five yards and a first down at the 36. On first down, Warner throws deep right to Card cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. On second-and-10 Warner passes complete to Boldin over the middle for 18 yards and a first down at the 46. James runs for seven yards off right side, then manages just one yard up the middle. Third-and-two at the 38, Boldin takes pass laterally right, dodges defenders and reaches the ball forward as he's tackled for the first down at the 36. Clock ticking with 8:30 remaining. James again carries, this time for two yards, and adds three up the middle. Third-and-four at the 30, Warner passes short left to Boldin but is one-half yard short of a first down. Fourth-and-one, Cards call timeout just before the play clock runs out with 6:11 remaining in the game. Hightower takes handoff, runs up middle for first down yardage. James carries right for three yards on first down, then is bottled up after two yard gain. Now third-and-five at the 20, under four minutes to play, Warner passes complete to Boldin over the middle for six yards and a first down at the 49ers' 14-yard line. San Francisco takes second timeout with 3:39 remaining in the fourth quarter. Hightower runs for two yards, then stopped for loss of two. On third-and-10 at the 14, James runs up the middle for two yards at the two-minute warning. Now fourth-and-8 at the 49ers' 12, Rackers on for 30-yard field goal which is good. Cards take 23-13 lead with 1:57 left to play. Scoring drive was 18 plays, 62 yards, 10:08 time of possession.
Rackers' kickoff sails out back of end zone for touchback. San Francisco takes over first-and-10 at the 20, 1:57 left to play. O'Sullivan back to pass, jersey grabbed by LaBoy from behind, strips the ball loose and recovers the ball at the 15-yard line.
Cardinals now first-and-10 at the 15, 1:49 to play. Warner takes a knee on first down as 49ers call third and final timeout. Warner takes a knee again on second down, clock ticking down again, another knee on third down with just over a minute left in the game. On fourth-and-13 at the 18, Warner takes another knee with 16 seconds left.
San Francisco first-and-10 at the 19, 16 seconds left to play. Gore takes swing pass from O'Sullivan for 22 yards as time expires.

Final score: Cardinals 23, 49ers 13.

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