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Cardinals vs. Chiefs

1st Quarter
Cardinals win the coin toss, defer to have the ball in the second half.
Neil Rackers' kickoff sails deep out of bounds, Kansas City takes over first-and-10 at their 40-yard line. Larry Johnson stopped for no gain and on first down, and then Brodie Croyle passes near left sideline to Brian Cottam for five yards. On third-and-5 from the 45, Croyle finds Will Franklin on quick turn in for a first down at the 49. Cards called for offsides before the ball is snapped, making it now first-and-5 from the 44. Croyle look deep to Dwayne Bowe along right sideline, pass to high. Now second-and-5, Croyle has plenty of time in the pocket and passes complete to Tony Gonzalez for gain of four. Third-and-1 now at the Cards' 40-yard line, Croyle quick toss right to Bowe for seven and a first down at the Card 33. Johnson takes pitch from Croyle, runs through right side of line for gain of eight. On second-and-two, Johnson again, this time for four yards and a first down at the 21. Croyle play-action, pressured by Chike Okeafor, throws incomplete right out of bounds, then pitch left to Johnson who manages to find three yards to the 18. Big play now, third-and-7 at the 19, Croyle tosses screen left to Kolby Smith, stopped short of first down at the 14. Nick Novak kicks 32-yard field goal, Kansas City takes 3-0 lead with 7:48 left in the first quarter. The drive was 12 plays, 46 yards, 7:12 time of possession.
Connor Barth's kickoff taken by Steve Breaston at the four-yard line, returns up the middle to the 28 for a return of 24 yards. Kurt Warner in at quarterback for Arizona, first-and-10 at the 28. On first down, Warner looks deep left to Anquan Boldin, broken up by Chief defensive back Brandon Flowers. Edgerrin James takes handoff, runs left but fumbles, recovered by center Lyle Sendlein. Now third-and-11 at the 27, Warner's pass to Larry Fitzgerald nearly intercepted but incomplete. On fourth-and-11, Dirk Johnson's punt good for 44 yards, rolls out of bounds at the Kansas City 30-yard line.
Chiefs' possession begins first-and-10 at their own 30, 6:42 left in the opening period. Johnson runs up middle for no gain, tripped up by Karlos Dansby. Johnson again, this time for two yards, tackled by Adrian Wilson. On third-and-8 at the 32, Croyle dumps ball over the middle to Smith, Dansby makes tackle short of first down yardage. Fourth-and-4 at the 38, Dustin Colquitt's punt taken by Breaston at the eight, returns 14 yards to the 22.
Cards first-and-10 at the 22, 4:31 to play in the quarter. James takes handoff around left end for six yards, and then on second down Warner connects with Fitzgerald over the middle for 22 yards to midfield. James up the middle for one yard, then Warner under pressure finds James for two yards. On third-and-7 at the 47, Cards in four wide receivers, Warner over the middle to Jerheme Urban, who turns upfield for 16 yards. Warner play action but sacked on first down for loss of six. Now second-and-16 at the 36, James up the middle on a delay, dodges one defender and goes for 15 yards. Third-and-1 at the 22, Warner over the middle to Fitzgerald for three yards and a first down at the 19 as the first period comes to an end.

2nd Quarter
On opening play of the second quarter, Tim Hightower loses one yard on the carry. Now second-and-11 at the 20, Warner looks for Fitzgerald deep left but incomplete. Third-and-11, Warner passes over the middle again to Fitzgerald, this time for 12 yards and a first down at the eight-yard line. Hightower tries the left side of the line, good for four yards. Second and goal at the four, Hightower takes pitch right, dashes for the end zone pylon but called short, down at the one. Cards challenge the call that Hightower indeed did reached the ball over to break the plane of the goal line. Replay reverses the call, touchdown awarded. Rackers' extra point goes wide left. Cards take lead 6-3. Drive was 12 plays, 78 yards, 6:50 possession.
Rackers' kickoff taken by Dantrell Savage in the end zone, returns 26 yards to the 24. Croyle's pass on first down nearly intercepted by Eric Green. Second-and-10 at the 24, Johnson stopped for gain of two. On third-and-8 at the 26, Croyle passes incomplete deep left. Colquitt's punt goes out of bounds at the nine-yard line, a punt of 65 yards.
Cards take over first-and-10 at their own nine, 11:35 to play in the second quarter. Matt Leinart now in at quarterback for the Cardinals. Leinart play-action, pass over the middle nearly intercepted. On second down, Leinart quick pass left side to Fitzgerald, runs for nine yards. Third-and-2, Leinart quick toss to Fitzgerald on slant-in left, ball stripped at the 29 by Dimitri Patterson, Kansas City ball. Cards challenge the call that Fitzgerald was down by contact prior to losing the ball. Review shows Fitzgerald did not have control of the ball, instead now an incomplete pass. So on fourth-and-one at the 18, Dirk Johnson's punt taken by B.J. Sams at the 24, stopped by Chris Harrington after a 58-yard punt.
Kansas City takes over first-and-10 at their own 30, 10:58 left in the first half. Johnson runs left, cuts toward midfield and goes for nine yards. On second down, Johnson starts left, cuts back right for 18 more yards and a first-down at the 43. Smith gains 15 yards on pitch left, spins right. Johnson goes for four yards over the left side to the 24, and then Croyle complete to Mike Cox right flat for six yards. Now first-and-10 at the 18, Johnson sweeps left for eight yards to the Card 10, then runs up middle, slides right for one yard. Third-and-one at the nine, Johnson takes direct snap in shotgun formation and runs up the middle for three yards and a first down at the six. First-and-goal at the six-yard line, Croyle rolls left and throws ball out of end zone. On second down, Croyle again finds no one open, throws ball away. Chiefs called for offensive pass interference, 10-yard penalty pushes the ball back to the 16. Croyle's pass to Johnson incomplete on attempted middle screen. Third-and-goal at the 16, Johnson stacked up for loss of one by Travis LaBoy. Barth in for 35-yard field goal, kick is good and game is tied at 6-6 with 4:57 left in the half. Possession was 12 plays, 53 yards, 6:01 possession.
Novak's kickoff taken by Breaston in the endzone, returns to the 30 for a 32-yard return. Cards take over first-and-10 at their 32, 4:50 left in the second period. Hightower runs right for three, then tries the left side but stopped for loss of one. Third-and-8 at the 32, Leinart passes over the middle but incomplete. Johnson in to punt, kick rolls out of bounds at the 30-yard line, a 38-yard punt.
Kansas City's ball, first-and-10 at their own 30, 3:19 left. Tyler Thigpen in at quarterback for Kansas City, sacked by LaBoy for six yards. Now second-and-16 at the 24, Chiefs whistled for false start. Second-and-21, Thigpen passes incomplete. Third-and-21 at the 19, Thigpen pressured in the pocket, takes off and runs up the middle for 20 yards to the 39, one yard short of a first down at the two minute warning. On fourth-and-one at the 39, Thigpen gains one yard for the first down. Thigpen again scrambles out of the pocket on first down, goes for six yards to the 47. Chiefs take time out with 1:11 left. Second-and-four at the 47, Thigpen runs again, this time for two yards. Now with a third-and-two at the 49, Thigpen under pressure passes incomplete. Fourth-and-two, Colquitt's punt goes into the end zone for a touchback, a 51-yard kick.
Cards take over first-and-10 at their own 20, 49 seconds left in the first half. Leinart's pass incomplete to Jamaica Rector in right flat, and then dumps the ball off to Hightower for four yards. Cards take timeout with 35 seconds on the clock. Third-and-six at the 24, Leinart sacked, loses the ball, but recovers at the 19. Fourth and 11, Johnson's punt fielded by Sams at the 23, returns 14 yards to the 37. A 58-yard punt.
Kansas City ball first-and-10 at their 37, Thigpen sacked for loss of seven as first half ends.

3rd Quarter
J.J. Arrington takes the second-half kickoff at his own four, returns 26 yards to the 30. Leinart in again at quarterback, hands off to Hightower for gain of 10 yards around left end to the 40. Tim Castille carries up the middle for three yards on first down, then catches a pass from Leinart in the right flat for three more yards. On third-and-four at the 46, Leinart finds Breaston over the middle for 10 yards and a first down at the Chief 44-yard line. On first down, Hightower finds four yards on the right side, then goes for two more. Now third-and-four at the 38, Leinart again to Breaston over the middle, and Breaston reverses field and gains 11 yards to the Chiefs' 27. First-and-10 at the 27, Leinart on bootleg right, connects with Castille for 11 yards and another first down. Now at the 16-yard line, Hightower runs for one yards, and on second-and-nine Hightower stopped after gain of two to set up third-and-8 at the 14. Leinart has plenty of time in the pocket, connects over the middle to Breaston in the end zone for a 14-yard touchdown. Rackers' extra point is good, Cards take 13-6 lead with 8:23 to play in the third quarter. Possession was 11 plays, 70 yards, 6:37 time of possession.
Rackers' kickoff taken in the end zone by Savage, returns right for 45 yards. Kansas City takes over first-and-10 at their 43. Thigpen passes short to Chris Manderino for three yards, then Jackie Battle stopped for loss of two. On third-and-9, Thigpen has time and finds Maurice Price deep left sideline for 15 yards and a first down at the Cardinal 41. Smith runs for 13 yards going left to the Card 28, then gets to the 24 on first down. On second-and-six, 5:04 to play in the period, Smith runs left for five yards. Third-and-one at the 19, Thigpen scrambles away from pressure, pushed out of bounds for loss of three yards. Novak kicks 40-yard field goal, Card lead cut to four at 13-9 with 3:38 to play in the third quarter.
Arrington takes the kickoff two yards deep, breaks toward right sideline and eventually stopped at the Chiefs' 24, a 78-yard return. Cards' now first-and-10 at the Kansas City 24. Brian St. Pierre in at quarterback. On first down, St. Pierre passes left flat to Castille at the 10, who runs the final yards untouched into the end zone for a 24-yard score. Rackers' extra point pushes Cards' lead to 20-9 with 3:20 on the clock.
Rackers' kickoff taken by Savage in the end zone, returns middle for 28 yards to the 25. First-and-10 at the 23, Thigpen complete to Price for five yards, then Card defensive back Michael Adams jumps a stop route for a near-interception. Third down pass incomplete. Fourth-and-5, Colquitt's punt of 57 yards taken by Adams at the 12 and returns 12 yards to the 24. Arrington takes pitch left for four yards, then St. Pierre stripped in the pocket but recovers the ball. On third-and-eight from the 28, Arrington on the draw goes for nine yards and a first down. Arrington up the middle, but Cards called for holding. Now first-and-20 at the 25 and third quarter closes.

4th Quarter
Cards first-and-20 at the 35, Steve Baylark carries over left side for 11, then on second down St. Pierre passes over the middle to Ben Patrick for six yards. Now third-and-four at the 42, St. Pierre to Sean Morey on quick slant left for five yards and a first down. Baylark carries for no gain on first down, then St. Pierre sacked for loss of 11. Third-and-21 at the 36, Arrington takes short pass and gains five yards. Johnson's punt goes for 47 yard, fielded by Savage at the 17 and returned to the 17 for a return of five yards.
Kansas City first-and-10 at its own 17, 11:04 left in the game. Thigpen passes short right to Price for 14 yards and a first down at the 31. Cards called for neutral zone infraction. On second-and-five at the 36, Thigpen connects with Cox for six yards, then Battle runs for six more. Second-and-four at the 48, Thigpen dumps pass off to Battle, Cards called for illegal contact, and five yards tacked onto the 17-yard catch. First-and-10 at the 35 now, Thigpen tosses left to Jeff Webb for 12 yards. Chiefs called for false start, now a first-and-15 at the 23, Battle takes pitch up the middle, bounces right for gain of four. On second-and-11 at the Card 24-yard line, Thigpen rolls right, passes incomplete in end zone. Third-and-11, 6:50 to play, Thigpen finds no one open, sacked by Joe Tafoya for four-yard loss. Barth's field goal from 46 yards hits the right upright, no good.
Cardinals' ball, first-and-10 at the 36, 6:11 to play. Anthony Morelli in at quarterback for Arizona. Baylark finds two yards up the middle, then Morelli passes over the middle to Castille for seven yards. Third-and-one at the 45, Baylark tripped up behind the line of scrimmage for no gain. Kansas City calls for a timeout. Johnson's punt of 41 yards taken by Savage at the 14-yard line, returns 13 yards to the 27.
Kansas City takes over first-and-10 at their 27, 4:24 left to play. Savage runs left for three yards, Chiefs in no-huddle now. Thigpen complete to Jabari Arthur for four yards, then on third-and-three Savage goes for a first down up the middle and six yards. On first down at the 40, Thigpen passes incomplete, then swing pass to Savage in left flat, who breaks several tackles for a gain of 15 to the Cardinal 45. 2:50 to play. Savage runs for three yards up the middle, then Thigpen hits Kevin McMahan on turn-in for 13 yards to the 29. Thigpen throws incomplete to Arthur at the two minute warning. Second-and 10 at the 29, Thigpen passes to Bobby Sippio for six yards. Third-and-three at the 23, Thigpen scrambles right and runs for a first down at the Cardinal 18-yard line. Thigpen passes incomplete on first down, 1:41 to play. On second down, Thigpen passes to Savage left for four yards, then Chiefs take another timeout, 1:29 to play. Now third-and-six at the 14, Thigpen passes middle, but deflected pass intercepted by Card safety Dennis Keys, who returns the ball 84 yards for a touchdown. Rackers' extra point extends Card lead to 27-9, 1:14 to play.
Rackers' kickoff taken by Sams at the goal line, returns right for 40 yards. Chiefs take over first-and-10 at their 40, 1:06 to play. Thigpen passes incomplete on first down, then hits McMahan for 17 yards as the clock continues. Thigpen passes complete to McMahan again, this time for 11 yards to the Cardinal 32, 33 seconds left to play. Thigpen throws ball out of the end zone on first down, 28 seconds remaining. On second down, Thigpen complete to Michael Allan for 18 yards to the Arizona 14. Chiefs take final timeout with 19 seconds remaining. First down at the 14, Thigpen complete to Sergiori Joachim on slant for a touchdown. Chiefs go for two-point conversion, Savage runs left for the conversion. Score now is Arizona 27, Kansas City 17, 15 seconds left in the game.
Chiefs' kicker Barth lines up for onsides kick, ball bounces out of bounds. Cardinals first-and-10 at the 43, 15 seconds left. Morelli takes a knee and clock runs out.

Final score—Arizona 27, Kansas City 17.

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