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Cardinals vs. Panthers

Cardinals Inactives
QB Brian St. Pierre (3rd QB)
SS Oliver Celestin
T Elliot Vallejo
T Brandon Keith
DT Alan Branch
TE Leonard Pope
TE Ben Patrick
DE Kenny Iwebema

The Cardinals won the toss and elected to defer so Carolina elected to receive to start the game.


DRIVE START: Carolina 26-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Dockett tackle for loss of 6 on first play from scrimmage.
FINAL PLAY: Baker 52-yard punt
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, 2 yards, 1:40

DRIVE START: Arizona 17-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Hightower right end for 2 yards on 3rd and 1 to keep the drive alive, Boldin left end for 30-yard gain but unnecessary roughness penalty on Levi Brown brought ball back to Carolina 22-yard line. Tuman 18-yard reception.
FINAL PLAY: Rackers 21-yard field goal to give Cardinals early 3-0 lead
DRIVE TOTALS: 13 plays, 80 yards, 6:24

DRIVE START: Carolina 20-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Rodgers-Cromartie broke up pass intended for Muhuammad on 3rd and 3 to force punt
FINAL PLAY: Baker 28-yard punt
DRIVE TOTALS: 7 plays, 38 yards, 4:01

DRIVE START: Arizona 14-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Breatson 14-yard reception,
FINAL PLAY: Johnson 63-yard punt
DRIVE TOTALS: 5 plays, 22 yards, 2:40


Panthers (continued from 1st quarter)
DRIVE START: Carolina 8-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Cards defense holds Carolina to zero-yards pass completion
FINAL PLAY: Baker 53-yard punt
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, 7 yards, 1:34

DRIVE START: Arizona 35-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Carolina defense forces quick three and out
FINAL PLAY: Johnson 56-yard punt
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, 9 yards, 1:38

DRIVE START: Carolina 20-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Campbell tackle for no gain on first play of drive, Dansby forced fumble and recovery on second down.
FINAL PLAY: Dansby forced fumble and fumble recovery
DRIVE TOTALS: 2 plays, -10 yards, 0:42

DRIVE START: Cardinals 5-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Boldin 5-yard touchdown reception to put Cards up 10-0 with 11:16 remaining in 2nd quarter
FINAL PLAY: Boldin 5-yard touchdown reception
DRIVE TOTALS: 1 play, 5 yards, 5 seconds

DRIVE START: Carolina 23-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Williams left end 14-yards and Rolle hit with facemask penalty on play to put Carolina at Cards 27-yard line. Muhammad dropped pass in the end zone on 2nd and 4. Okeafor tackle for loss of 1 on 2nd down and Rodgers-Cromartie good pass defense on 3rd down.
FINAL PLAY: Kasay 23-yard field goal
DRIVE TOTALS: 14 plays, 57 yards, 5:45

DRIVE START: Cardinals 22-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Fitzgerald 16-yard catch on 3rd and 8 to keep drive alive. Breaston 21-yard reception on 2nd and 10. Urban 23-yard catch on 2nd and 10. L. Brown recovers Warner fumble to preserve FG try.
FINAL PLAY: Fake FG pass D. Johnson to Tuman for 10 on 4th and 14.
DRIVE TOTALS: 11 plays, 67 yards, 4:36

DRIVE START: Panthers 11-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Wilson nice tackle on D. Williams after 2-yard catch, forcing Panthers to use third timeout
FINAL PLAY: Delhomme incomplete pass to end half
DRIVE TOTALS: 5 plays, 38 yards, 1:06


DRIVE START: Cardinals 36-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Fitzgerald 27-yard reception.
FINAL PLAY: Hightower 2-yard touchdown run to put Cards up 17-3
DRIVE TOTALS: 8 plays, 64-yards, 4:47

PanthersDRIVE START: Carolina 20-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Delhomme 31-yard pass to King.
FINAL PLAY: Williams 15-yard touchdown run.
DRIVE TOTALS: 6 plays, 80 yards, 3:19

DRIVE START: Arizona 16-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Carolina defense forces turnover on second play of the drive
FINAL PLAY: James fumble on second down recovered by Davis
DRIVE TOTALS: 2 plays, 2 yards, 0:29

DRIVE START: Cardinals 18-yard line
FINAL PLAY: Smith 18-yard touchdown reception to tie the game at 17
DRIVE TOTALS: 1 play, 18 yards, 0:04

DRIVE START: Arizona 22-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Fitzgerald 12-yard reception on 3rd and 10 to keep drive alive. Fitzgerald 30-yard reception on next play. Johnson dropped extra point attempt snap.
FINAL PLAY: Boldin 2-yard touchdown reception, extra point attempt failed
DRIVE TOTALS: 11 plays, 78 yards, 5:12

DRIVE START: Carolina 27-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Cards challenged that Smith stepped out of bounds on touchdown but play was upheld
FINAL PLAY: Smith 65-yard touchdown
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, 73 yards, 0:56


DRIVE START: Arizona 22-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Illegal contact by Carolina defense to put Cards at Panthers 22-yard line.
FINAL PLAY: Warner intercepted by Beason and returned 44 yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 7 plays, 58 yards, 3:24

DRIVE START: Carolina 49-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Rolle tackled King on 3rd and 3 to force field goal attempt
FINAL PLAY: 50-yard field goal by Kasay to put Panthers up 27-23 with 9:09 remaining in game
DRIVE TOTALS: 5 plays, 19 yards, 2:29

DRIVE START: Arizona 20-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Fitzgerald 18-yard reception. Gandy called for holding and pushed Cards back to their own 38-yard line. Warner sacked by Johnson on next play for loss of 6 yards.
FINAL PLAY: Johnson 55-yard punt
DRIVE TOTALS: 7 plays, 35 yards, 3:12

DRIVE START: Carolina 20-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Hayes tackles Williams for no gain on first down. Smith 10-yard reception on 3rd and 3. Jarrett 17-yard pick up on 3rd and 3. Williams 15-yard rush up the middle on 3rd and 13 to keep drive alive.
FINAL PLAY: Delhomme takes a knee to end the game
DRIVE TOTALS: 11 plays, 44 yards, 5:57

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