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Cheerleaders in Japan, Day 2 Amanda

Hello everyone!! Just finished up day two of our Japan tour and let me tell you it was AMAZING!!! We started off the day by splitting into two groups with my group going to the local bowling alley on the base. We spent our time there hanging out with the troops and their families. We had a blast getting to know the men and women who serve our country while stationed out here in Yokosuka. We even met a couple families who were from Arizona.

 After the bowling alley we had a little down time to go and explore the wonderful city of Yokosuka! After exchanging some America dollars for some Japanese Yen, we went to hit the shops at the local six story mall! It was incredible to see how many stores fit into one mall! A group of six of us decided o be adventurous and eat at a local sushi restaurant located at the very top level of the mall. I was a little clumsy with my chopsticks at first but soon got the hang of it and enjoyed some salmon, udon noodles and miso soup...yummy!

Our next stop of the day was at the Officer's Club for a Pre Super Bowl party! There we were again honored with the chance to meet many brave soldiers serving over seas. We met a few soldiers there who were getting ready to deploy on the Blue Ridge Monday morning to a classified location! At the Office's club the tables had engravings of the names of ships the were docked out of Yokosuka, where the have been deployed to and the officer's who were on those ships. We actually met an officer there who was highlighted on the table for being an officer on the USS George Washington! In was an honor to meet so many brave men an women who sacrifice so much for our freedom! I will never forget this experience! I can't wait to continue our journey here in Japan.

O yasumi nasai


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