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Cheerleaders in Japan, Day 3 Hailee


Hey Cardinals Fans!!

We just finished Super bowl Monday here in Yokosuka!! This day was by far my favorite day of the whole tour, we all separated yesterday into different groups to visit other bases for Super bowl day and myself, Kalani, Kaylee, and Becca stayed here in Yokosuka to hang out with our troops here on base.

In the morning we had breakfast at the Officer's Club and stayed for the 1st quarter of the big game, we were able to go around the room and talk with everyone there and sign posters and take pictures and learn what they did here on base, how long they had been here for and where their hometowns were, it was so much fun! We had a busy Super bowl day because we went to a different spot every quarter and hung out with a new great group each time. It was really great to get to feel as if we were part of Super bowl without being on the field and I think that everyone here on base felt as if they got a bigger Super bowl experience by having a piece of the NFL here at home.

After the big game we went to lunch and then we got to go take a tour of the George Washington!! The George Washington is a Navy ship that is in port right now and it is home for 5500 people! We were taken on our tour by the second in command, Ken the ships XO, and he started by taking us to the captain's quarters. We saw the room where he controls the ship and the view was spectacular, from up there you could really feel just how massive the GW is!! He answered any question we could think of about the ship and we found out that it is basically a floating city! They have a bank, restaurants, apartments  (really small) where everyone sleeps, a hospital that is fully operational with 54 beds, and so much more! After our tour we went to one of the areas where the crew eats and we got to meet a bunch of people that work on board the ship and take pictures and sign autographs. It was so humbling to see the lifestyle of living on the ship compared to everything we have at home and how much everyone here sacrifices for us. I could have stayed on the GW all day looking around and asking questions because it was the coolest thing I have ever seen!

After our amazing ship tour we went to the Navy Exchange and got some really awesome Japanese souvenirs for friends and family! Then we all went out to dinner together and had a great dinner to end a perfect day!

I can't wait for our big show tomorrow and see what other amazing experiences come our way here in Japan!


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