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Dansby's agent change

Very interesting timing today with Kent Somers' story that linebacker Karlos Dansby is changing agents. Dansby has been with Kirk Wood for a long time and Wood and GM Rod Graves just met at the end of last week to talk about Dansby's contract. I thought they would be in good shape, but apparently either Dansby isn't happy with the numbers being talked about or the speed (or lack thereof) of negotiations. It certainly isn't any surprise Dansby would hook up with agent Eugene Parker, though. Dansby and Wilson are best friends and Parker is Wilson's agent. That Wilson is on deck after Dansby for a new contract could create quite a scenario. In fact, Parker is also Larry Fitzgerald's guy, so Parker -- if he gets Dansby, which hasn't been confirmed -- could make quite  a pretty penny working with the Cards.

In the meantime, though, what does it mean? I don't know if the Cards and Dansby were necessarily about to consummate a deal, but you would think, at least in the short term, this would represent a step back if talks were progressing. Maybe Dansby does want to be a free agent, as it sounded in a radio interview. Maybe Dansby thinks this will actually speed things up. Definitely, this is just another chapter in the Dansby contract saga.

UPDATE: Turns out another linebacker looking for a long-term extension has also fired Wood -- the Texans' DeMeco Ryans.

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