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Dockett announces confidence in the organization

Darnell made his announcement. It turned out to be good news. He's not clamoring for a contract or demanding a trade – in fact, the opposite. Here was his announcement, in a total of four tweets:

"I am happy to announce that after meeting with the team recently, I have full faith and confidence in the Cardinals organization and I am looking forward to a great season. From the first day of training camp and on, I will not let my contract issues distract me or my team from reaching our goals-. I also look forward to playing with my teammates and defending our NFC championship title and I appreciate the support I've received from all my fans this offseason. - WE WILL WIN THE NFC WEST"

Obviously, after some of the things that have gone on and Dockett's "hamstring" injury at minicamp and absence from OTAs, this is a big plus. We all know Dockett wants a new contract but for him to say he'll be showing at camp and that he'll play hard for both himself and the team is a big deal. Is it a "major" announcement? Maybe not. I already heard one talk-show host shred Dockett for making a big deal out of nothing. But this isn't nothing, not from Darnell. He's been plenty grumpy this offseason; this does mean something.

Now, did Darnell write this? Uh, it's tough to think so. It's written like a press release and unlike anything Dockett has put on his Twitter page, including the tweet to announce that he’d have an announcement. But he insists it was his idea on a follow-up tweet: "FYI to all, No this was not a DREW ROSENHAUSE call or idea, THIS is how I feel and I'm sticking to it. Thanks agan to all the DDOCKETT FANS." And yes, Dockett didn't catch his misspelling of Rosenhaus.

Here's the question now: Will Anquan Boldin have a similar message when he arrives at camp?

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