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Dockett's emotional backstory

When Darnell Dockett was first drafted by the Cardinals, I wrote a long piece about him and his background -- his mother was murdered, and he was raised by his uncle through trying times. Wednesday, Dockett talked about his mom during media availability:

Q: Do you ever thing about the person that murdered your mother?

A: "That's a demon that's inside of me that wishes I could sit down with that person and converse with them and ask what was going through their head. I want to let them know all the pain that they caused, but I also want to show them the good that came out of that whole situation and to forgive them. I learned from being on this team, going to bible study, getting closer to God and having teammates that are closer that force me to read the bible more. The one thing I learned was forgiveness. I forgive them but I still want to know why and what they were thinking. Personally it is just to get the demons out."

Q: Do you think the murderer knows who you are?
A: "Yes I do. Honestly whoever killed my mom, she know them. I feel like they knew me. I am pretty sure in the back of their mind, even if it is a crazy mind, they wonder about the kids and the pain they caused that is still there. Again I am sure I will represent my mom well on Super Bowl day. And to whoever did it, 'You did a good thing.' I take it as a stride and say, 'I don't know what was going through your mind at the time but God worked it all out. At the end of the day on Judgment Day you will have to answer to God'."

Q: Did you spend time looking for the person who killed your mom?

A: "Yes I did. For like the first five or six years I did. I used to always wonder if it was a family member, someone that was close to me, someone I see every now and then or if it was the neighbor. I used to wonder everything, but overtime I became more focused. I was trying to do something that was best for me instead of sitting around getting in trouble or getting arrested. I felt like it was a time for me to move my focus and energy to something else and when the time comes they will figure it out. I also realized that I was in the projects and a single black mom, they are not going to put a lot of emphasis on trying to find her killer anyway. It's like me turning on CNN and they are looking for a little girl for like two years. It's not like that. They probably just look at it as another black person dying in the projects. I took it and moved on with it. I am just trying my best throughout my career to represent my mom and my family."

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