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Edgerrin's future, Anquan honored, and the breakout guys

Some stuff to gnaw on one week before reporting day in Flagstaff:

-- It's good to see Edgerrin James focusing on his children following the death of their mother earlier this year, even though he’s thinking about where he might be able to play. It never made sense for Edge to sign anywhere quickly; for him, it's about waiting for an injury so that he can be assured of playing time. The question is, once that injury happens, is he the guy that team will turn to? Edge says he is still a top-tier back, as does buddy Clinton Portis. But will a team see him that way? This is playing out an awful lot like the career path of one of Edge's peers, Shaun Alexander. Edge, who turns 31 Aug. 1, is considered tougher than Alexander and certainly more well-rounded as a blocker and pass catcher. But Edge is going to get a cheap contract (possibly for the minimum) and he's going to likely share time wherever he goes. Can he handle that?

-- Anquan Boldin, scarce around these parts since minicamp, has given so much to his community in Pahokee, Fla. He has left enough of an imprint the powers-that-be are naming the new stadium, being built for the middle school and high school, “Anquan Boldin Stadium.” That's impressive, but really not all that surprising knowing what Q has given back to where he is from.

-- I wrote about my potential breakout players yesterday. In mentioning the story on his blog – thanks, Mr. Sando – the name of was brought up as another possibility, as was the idea of one of the young offensive linemen (Brandon Keith, perhaps?). Both thoughts came to me, but I turned them down right now. Doucet is still learning, and right now, I simply haven't seen enough from him to think he will pass anyone up on the depth chart – and therefore earn enough playing time to "break out." Early's other issue is what he will do on special teams, which will be a must for a fourth or fifth receiver. As far as an offensive lineman, it's going to be tough for a youngster to break into the current starting lineup. I suppose Deuce Lutui could struggle in camp, perhaps. But the Cards like the idea of offensive line continuity so much that it will be that much harder for a young lineman to earn significant playing time.

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