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Expecting Anquan

I see where Ken Whisenhunt is still being asked the question)) and I suppose it's not surprise, this idea that some still wonder if Anquan Boldin could be a no-show when camp starts next week. No way.

Nothing at all would point to the fact Q might not show, despite his ongoing irritation that he can't get a new contract. No, he can jump on Twitter like fellow contract-seeker Darnell Dockett and say he'll be at camp and be a good teammate, but history says Boldin will be there. If he was going to skip anything it would have been minicamp. I am also guessing, given the switch of agents from Drew Rosenhaus to Tom Condon, that it will be a much, much quieter Boldin at camp. Talking to general manager Rod Graves today, he has the same thought process. Ultimately, where Rosenhaus' style is to get players out in public loud and proud about being disgruntled, Condon is a behind-the-scenes guy, usually popping out in public only when a big deal has been consummated. Q is his own man, but I would guess Condon will tell Boldin to stay low-key, which means nothing like last year’s post-run-test messages. I wouldn't be shocked (although it's impossible to know for sure) if Q decided to "no comment" his contract situation from here on out. He's always been matter-of-fact when talking about it, but the words have frequently had bite. I just don't think that will be the case anymore. It's energy spent somewhere that gains nothing.

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