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Fantasy Football - Week 11 Recap

So, what did we learn from Week 11? Here are the five things I learned this week:
1) The 49ers are really that bad and none of them can be counted on week in and week out.
2) The Vikings didn't get the hint when nobody drafted a QB knowing their only other option was  one guy in his 40's and another guy that has never hit double digits in TD passes for a season.
3) Any Texan not named Arian Foster is a risky play.
4) Aaron Rodgers should be the NFL and fantasy MVP.
5) Michael Vick will probably win the MVP because of the story.


Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers just filled up the stat sheet this week as he threw for 301 yards and added four TDs and 21 rushing yards for fantasy owners. Rodgers is currently the #1 fantasy QB and is rewarding his owners handsomely.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Fitzpatrick finished the game with 316 passing yards, four TDs and two INTs, good enough to be ranked in the top 5-7 spots depending on your scoring format. He is owned in just 52 percent of leagues, so a lot of people missed the boat on the rare good game from the Bills QB.

Arian Foster: Foster is a fantasy beast and he continued his rampage this weekend as he finished with 84 rushing yards, six receptions for 59 receiving yards and two TDs. Foster is someone that you can plug in each week and feel confident in him even when Matt Schaub has a bad game.

Cedric Benson: Benson hasn't got his name in the headline here yet this season, but that all changed this week as he finished the game with 124 rushing yards, three catches for 22 yards and an endzone visit. The game didn't end the way the Bengals wanted it to, but Benson had a top 10 fantasy game this weekend at RB.

Greg Jennings: Jennings put a beat down on the Vikings secondary this weekend as he finished the game with a whopping seven catches for 152 yards and three… yep, count them… 3 touchdowns! He is a top tier WR, but this is abnormal for any WR and won't happen again this season.

Steve Johnson: Johnson is owned in 87 percent of fantasy leagues, but started in just 55 percent of them. And, that means that almost half the people who own him missed out on his eight catches for 137 yards and three TDs.

Joel Dreessen: I had to check the spelling three times because I've never even heard of the guy to be honest. Before Week 11, Dreessen had 15 catches for 215 yards and two TDs, but then he found a way to haul in four passes for 106 yards and a TD.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense: The Buccs defense shut out the 49ers and sacked Smith six times, picked him off once and also recovered a fumble. They won't do this well each week, but mainly because you don't get to play the 49ers every single week.


Eli Manning: So we all knew the Giants probably wouldn't win since the surface of the sun isn't as hot as Vick is right now. But, Manning didn't help matters as he finished the game with 147 yards passing, two TDs and three INTs. Manning can do better most weeks, but the Eagles are looking like the team to beat in the NFC these days.

Vince Young: I was going to put Troy Smith in here, but then Vince Young went out and fought for his spot on the list. Not only did he finish the game with 165 yards and no scores, but he walked out on his team and got placed on I.R. I warned you… did you listen?

Frank Gore: He swings… oh… strike 3 and you're out! Yes, I completely and totally whiffed on this one and should have known better. The 49ers are simply unpredictable and should be avoided if possible. You took Gore with your first overall pick, so you can't sit him most weeks… but that doesn't mean I wasn't wrong here.

Ahmad Bradshaw: Bradshaw fizzled out along with Manning as he finished the game with just 29 rushing yards, -5 receiving yards and a lost fumble. Those stats netted owners roughly 1-2 points, depending on if your league counts fumbles or not.

DeSean Jackson: After last weekend, the whole world was SURE that Vick would find Jackson and the rest of the Eagles for at least 10 TDs… but that didn't happen. Jackson did hook up with Vick five times for 50 yards, but he failed to score. It was a disappointing game for him, but he will do better most weeks.

Andre Johnson: I warned you… did you listen? Johnson was someone's first overall pick and yet he finished the game with a predictable four catches for 32 yards and no scores. Enough said… I was wright.

Dustin Keller: Keller was expected to do more with the Texans last ranked passing defense, but that didn't happen. Mark Sanchez managed to throw for 315 yards and three touchdowns, and despite being targeted six times, Keller finished the game with just two catches for seven yards.

New Orleans Saints defense: The Saints looked good on paper, matching up against the Seahawks sputtering offense. However, they allowed 19 points while getting their owners two recovered fumbles, but no sacks, no INTs and no defensive scores. That translates into roughly six fantasy points and you would have been better off going with either the Jaguars or Panthers defenses.

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