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Finding the fastest Card

When last we left you on this subject, it was right before the NFC Championship game and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was calling out Steve Breaston for a race to see who could lay claim to the title "The Fastest Cardinal." The race never has come off, and look here, we have a slight change in the dynamic. That's what happens when the team signs a guy who was at the Olympic track trials. Just what does the arrival of Michael Ray Garvin mean to this mythical race (that I'm not sure is ever really going to happen)?

"That's not even a question," Breaston said when asked if Garvin would be part of the race. "That's cheating. That's illegal. I'm not even counting. That's a whole different breed. We'll stick to me and DRC." DRC, on the other hand, didn't flinch when Garvin's name was raised. "That don't intimidate me," DRC said. "I'll race him. I am up for anything."

Garvin, as a rookie (and a long shot to make the roster), didn't seem all that excited to join any battle of words. "You know what, I don't like to predict things," Garvin said. "I just want to see what happens. That's just me. I can't see the future. We'd see what happens."

Antrel Rolle was blunt in his assessments of the speed in the locker room, sticking with his fellow defensive back. In pads, no one is faster than DRC, Rolle insisted. "Maybe track and field, maybe I'd take Garvin," Rolle said. "But I think if DRC trained, he'd be as fast as he wanted to be, to be honest with you."

As for the original concept – Breaston versus DRC – I think everyone would pay attention (I'd love to make it a video piece on, that's for sure). But will they actually take the time to race? "He needs to come see me, know what I'm saying?" Breaston said with a big grin. "He was a rookie last year, I've got the years (in the league), he needs to come see me." To that, DRC shakes his head. "Hey, he keeps putting me off. I come to him every day."

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