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Following the Boldin talk

So here's what we know on a Friday morning:

-- The Giants are saying they think the price might be too high to trade for Anquan Boldin, but again, what is said publicly and what is really the thought process isn't always the same thing;

-- The Ravens are interested in Q, but the Jets not so much, again, if reports are to be believed;

-- The Eagles seem like they have the ammunition, but that doesn't mean they will pull the trigger;

-- Larry Fitzgerald doesn't want Q traded.

I still don't see this as having a clear-cut resolution either way. The Cards can't just dump Boldin and not get something significant in return, which can happen this time of year. Ultimately, here is the question: What Boldin can do for a team, and what can his worth be outside the system? Can Boldin be a No. 1 receiver? Of course. But if the new team insists their No. 1 receiver stays outside all the time and races down the field, well, Boldin's talents would be marginalized in such a scenario. Issue No. 2 is the money. Whoever gets him is going to have to fork over a huge new extension. Yes, we have covered that before, but that's the rub when taking into account Boldin's current setup. The Cards have a valuable commodity because Boldin is a star player, he fits so well in this offensive system with Fitz and Kurt Warner and his contract is so palatable. On a new team, Boldin doesn't have the Fitz/Warner system and he'll be paid a lot more. That could drive down his value outside of Arizona.

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