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In The Trenches: Lyle Sendlein

QnA with an offensive lineman


Q. What do you like most about being and offensive lineman? 

A. You get to hit somebody every play. It?s dirty work.

Q. How does playing the line create camaraderie between the linemen?

!A. It?s just because you have to trust the guy next to you, you know, there?s a lot of times where you need to trust them to hold a guy off for you before you get there, and he?s doing the same for the guy next to him and I?m doing it for the guy next to me so there?s a lot of trust involved in offensive line play.

Q. What?s the hardest part about being an offensive lineman?

A. Probably how unnatural it is with how you always need to be on the inside of your feet and not on your toes. Walking around and running you want to be on your toes but if you?re on your toes on offensive line play guys can pull you down easier. It?s just an unnatural thing. It?s the cerebral part of offensive line play.

Q. How beat up do you feel after a game?

A. Pretty beat up. You know hopefully the guys on the other side of the ball are feeling worse than we are, that?s our goal. But we take our bumps and bruises, come out here the following week and knock the soreness out of us by doing it again. You learn to live with it.

Q. Do you get more satisfaction when you are keeping Kurt clean in the passing game and it?s clicking or when you are hammering another team with the run?

A. We?ll take whatever the defense will give us. There are times where we need to go out there and run the ball and we definitely want to be successful when we have that, but a lot of times defenses try to take away Kurt and the passing game, so we definitely want to be successful in keeping him clean.

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