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Kurt's hoops versus the President

While it may not happen right away, the biggest news out of President Barack Obama's trip to Arizona this week wasn't his commencement speech at Arizona State's graduation or the ongoing flap about whether the President should or shouldn't have gotten an honorary degree. Nope. Clearly, it was Obama's brief meeting with Kurt Warner, and the invitation to play some basketball. Now that's a president I can stand behind. Can I get in the game?

Alas, probably not. But this here blog is about the Cardinals and sports, so we're going to break down the potential Warner-Obama hardwood clash (And big-time EDIT: We tried to do this in a chart form today and it failed miserably, so we are moving on).

-- Size: Kurt Warner stands 6-foot-2 and weighs about 215 pounds, thanks to Lott sculpting. President Obama is 6-2 (actually, 6-1½) and 180, so Kurt gets the edge.

-- Age: Warner turns 38 on June 22. Not exactly prime athletic age, but still better than the President, who will be 48 Aug. 4.

-- College: Warner went to Northern Iowa. Obama is a Columbia grad, and also got through Harvard law. Athletically, probably a push, but you have to be impressed with the President.

-- Nickname: Found rare references. Warner is “Pop.” (Get it?). In high school, the President was “Barry O’bomber.”

-- Scouting report: Warner is very accurate, but likes to pass. Obama? He mostly goes left. (Seriously. He's a lefty).

-- 2-on-2 teammate: For Warner, Larry Fitzgerald. For the President, personal aide Reggie Love.

-- Coach: For Warner, you've got to go with Ken Whisenhunt (I fully believe his skills will translate to the court; I've played hoops with him a few times and he knows the game). Obama, meanwhile, has the built-in Craig Robinson.

The result? Well, Obama is the President after all, and I would guess that, like the future NCAA champion Tar Heels at the time, it would be hard to go full speed and knock him off in a game. Still, these are professional athletes we are talking about. I like Fitz to be able to battle Love, and in the end, Warner still has 10 years and John Lott's training regiment on his side. Yes, Warner's body has been beat up, but Obama is/was a smoker, right? I go with Warner's team in a close game.

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