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Leinart doesn't tweet

Recently, I mentioned that is on Twitter, much like my (not-quite-as-popular-but-we're-working-on-it) own Twitter page. I had been asked about another player's Twitter page, but much to the (I'm sure) disappointment to the 21,000-plus followers of said page, Matt Leinart told me today it isn't his.

"You can clarify," Leinart said. "I don't have Twitter, Facebook, any of that stuff."

Matt certainly isn't the first NFL player to have a fake page (and I am guessing you don't have 21,000 followers because it is a fake). Peyton Manning and brother Eli have been nailed, as has Chad Pennington. Heck, Peyton is putting out messages through the media to stop anyone thinking it could be him. The problem is people are putting messages up claiming to be a Ben Roethlisberger or DeMarcus Ware that could be true – Ware "said" he was close to a new contract, which was false.

The Leinart page only has a few entries and stops after the Super Bowl, so it was irrelevant anyway. But it certainly seems that, barring confirmation (or some announcement by a player), people should probably consider Facebook/Myspace/Twitter pages from athletes false until proven otherwise.

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