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Leinart's Passing Camp Helps a Good Cause


In the competitive world of high school football, players are always looking for something that will give them that edge. For about 300 quarterbacks from around the state of Arizona, why not learn from the best?

Matt Leinart hosted his passing camp on Saturday, which helped the 300 quarterbacks who are to be going out for their school's team in the 2007 season both physically and mentally. The event went from 9:00 a.m. and went to 3:00 p.m., and it included plenty of field drills on top of a classroom session that taught the QBs how to read defenses.




Matt Leinart explains why he likes to help out high school football players and why it's so important to give back to the community.

"The biggest part was I tried to explain that the game of football, especially the quarterback position, is mostly mental," Leinart said. "You can throw the ball and you can run, but it's a matter of what you have in your head. I always say the game is 75 percent mental as a quarterback.

"When I was in the classroom with them I let them understand defenses, understand how I approach the game. Little details that these kids can take today to their high school and say, 'I remember that. My footwork on this wasn't right. I remember what the coaches taught me at Matt's camp.' Those are the things that are going to help them become great quarterbacks."

But the best part was the camp helped raise money that went to Vested Interest, one of the charities that is a part of the Matt Leinart Foundation.

After about three hours, everyone took time out to pay homage for what the event was really about. The Matt Leinart Foundation is dedicated to helping out anyone with needs in the community. Vested Interest is a group that reaches out into not only Phoenix, but around the state, and helps those in need for any reason. Leinart presented a very generous $100,000 check to Vested Interest president Larry Westbrook in order for many youth and their families to get back on their feet.

"Every foundation is great, no matter what the cause is," Leinart added. "The reason why I appreciate Larry so much because Vested Interest is not a Make a Wish Foundation; it's not a foundation that has tons of money pouring in. He doesn't have a lot of resources. And I felt I wanted to help him because he has such a strong passion, whether it's handing out turkeys on Thanksgiving or giving out signed footballs for Christmas. It was something I wanted to do. He's been doing this for a while. It's for him because he deserves it."

And Leinart couldn't do this alone. He was helped by Arizona's other two quarterbacks, Kurt Warner and Shane Boyd. Along with plenty of volunteer coaches, the high schoolers were able to fine tune many different aspects of their game. Whether it was learning the proper way to hand off or pitch the ball, or how to scramble out of the pocket, these kids will go home armed with the same knowledge the Cardinals' use in game situations.

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