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"Life will go on"

It's been a big day – first taking part in Pat's Run, thinking I did pretty good and enjoying the estimated 20,000 others who ran/walked as well. There were a bunch of Cardinals staffers that took part, I passed Sean Morey walking his little daughter at one point and then, just as I was leaving and cutting back through the parking lot, I found Steve Breaston and Lance Long finishing their walk on the course. I walked the last half or quarter mile with them. All in all, a good turnout.

Now I sit here in a Chandler bowling alley while my 7-year-old attends a birthday party so I figured it was a good time to have a daily Anquan Boldin update (ah, the beauty of the aircard).

I still think the Cards will be tempted to take a good deal, but I am starting to wonder if the "good" deal can be had. All the speculation around Boldin seems to be leaning toward his not being worth the price tag the Cards are reportedly seeking. I touched on the reasons for this yesterday. Meanwhile, while everyone figures the Eagles were out after the Jason Peters trade, the Jaguars – another team speculated as a possible landing spot – are about to sign Torry Holt, apparently, so no Jacksonville. Really, the only rumor that has seemed to keep any legs is the Baltimore Ravens possibility. Things could just be very much being done in secret, but maybe Q isn't going anywhere.

That takes us back to Boldin himself. What would you do if you hosted a charity weekend and your trade talks broke out? Well, Boldin is having his "Q Fest" in Florida and the media is there as it normally is and obviously, Boldin's status is topic No. 1. I thought it interesting Boldin's comment. "They will do what's in the best interest of the team," Boldin said of the organization. "I have to sit back and wait. Life will go on."

Does that mean Boldin would be happy if he, for example, stayed but didn't get a new contract? It can easily be argued that the best interest of the team is to keep a Pro Bowl receiver in 2009 who is making $2.75 million while trying to extend top defenders Karlos Dansby and Adrian Wilson. Life, indeed, will go on. Boldin is right about that. But those words make it sound that he'll just deal with whatever happens, and I'm not sure that will be the case. You also have to wonder what message has been delivered to Boldin/agent Drew Rosenhaus. The comments have not been incendiary from that side lately. Was that a requirement for trade exploration? And if Q isn't dealt by the draft, will it continue? No trade by draft day will make the following weekend's mandatory minicamp a headline-maker, no matter what happens.

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