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Listening To A Saint


 Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald manages to keep his balance during his 62-yard touchdown catch on a flea-flicker Sunday in the NFC Championship. 

Brian St. Pierre would rather be playing quarterback, but the Cards? third-stringer got a chance to leave at least a little bit of an imprint on the playoffs Sunday in the NFC Championship game.

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley told St. Pierre to tell him when it would be a good time to break out the newly designed flea flicker ? a handoff to J.J. Arrington, followed by a pass backward to Kurt Warner and then a bomb to Larry Fitzgerald.

?He talked to me the night before, ?OK, you tell me when to call it,? ? St. Pierre said. ?It just worked out that it was a good time and a place in the game. I said,


?Do it now,? and he looked at me and said, ?You sure?? and I said, ?Yeah, just do it.? My heart started thumping pretty hard after that, until the ball was completed.?

The play went for a 62-yard touchdown.

?I don?t want any credit for it ? it had nothing to do with me,? St. Pierre said. ?It is about the guys on the team executing that play.?

St. Pierre said the timing was right. The Eagles had just missed a field goal try, the Cards had the ball at their own 38-yard line and it was early in the second quarter.

?I kidded with (Haley) he just didn?t want to be on the hook for it if it didn?t work,? St. Pierre said.


Wide receiver Anquan Boldin?s televised argument with Haley and Boldin?s subsequent quick leaving of the field after the game was a popular topic for the growing media contingent Monday. Boldin was not around to speak. Coach Ken Whisenhunt said Boldin?s battle with Haley was ?normal,? noting that Warner and Haley did the same early in the game.

?It?s an emotional game, and (Sunday?s) game was one of the most emotional we can play in,? Whisenhunt said. ?One of the things we have been able to do is move on and play.

?My understanding is it is over with.?

Boldin had been removed in a personnel package on the Cards? final drive. He was in later in the drive when the Cards scored the game-winning points.

?It happens all the time, really,? veteran defensive tackle Bryan Robinson said. ?(The media) is going to focus on the star players, but through the season, I had a couple of those altercations, but it?s nothing. I?m sure it won?t even be brought up when we?re in our group.?


The only player Whisenhunt addressed specifically with an injury was defensive end Travis LaBoy, who hurt his bicep and was still being evaluated. Whisenhunt said it could be a strain or a tear; a tear would end LaBoy?s season.

The Cardinals don?t practice again until Thursday.


Keeping with the theme of the playoffs, the Steelers are considered seven-point favorites over the Cardinals for the Super Bowl, something Robinson said would be put to good use.

?We?re going to hype it up like we are 20-point underdogs,? Robinson said. ?As long as we get the negative from the outside, it makes us feel good inside.?

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