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As ghosty as it is around the office right now given the long weekend coming (tomorrow and Friday are off days, to tack on to the weekend of the Fourth), here are a couple of notes:

-- ESPN magazine has its annual rankings of pro sports franchises, including venues in which they play and fan experience, etc, etc. The Cards jumped from No. 84 to No. 33 this season (there are 122 teams ranked). The Diamondbacks are No. 30, the Suns are No. 86 and the Coyotes, trying not to move, are No. 88. The Los Angeles Angels are No. 1; the top NFL team is the Steelers, at No. 3 (the Carolina Hurricanes, surprisingly, are the No. 2 team).

-- Since we just wrote about Darnell yesterday, I won't delve into this too deep. But the Revenge Of The Birds blog asked Dockett, via Twitter, if he planned to attend training camp. Dockett's response? "I've never killed anyone to my knowledge so I wouldn't want u to hold ur breath." Seems like a veiled threat that he might not be there, but he'd lose too much money (about $14K a day) if he stayed away, so I have a hard time believing Dock won't show.

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