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More on Kurt's Presidential hoops

A couple weeks back, as you may remember, Kurt Warner met briefly with President Barack Obama and Obama invited Warner to play some hoops at the White House. Warner was busy and not around at the time, so I handicapped the possibility. I finally got around to asking Kurt about it, and, yes, the Cardinals' Pro Bowl quarterback is optimistic it comes off (and as someone who loves playing basketball as much as Warner and Obama do, you are always optimistic a game will happen, especially one that would be as cool of an experience as this one would).

"I don't know when but I do think it is going to happen," Warner said. "I told him, 'Don't ask me unless you expect me to take you up on it.' At some point and time I may just have to go and rap on the door at the White House and say, 'I am ready for my hoop game' if he doesn't invite me."

Warner said it was his understanding Obama was going to build a White House court, and after a little research it turns out the President has been vocal about such a thing. "I know different Presidents have the leniency to adjust (the White House) in different ways," Warner said. For sure, having a lone hoop outside doesn't help much, especially in the winter. "I don't know who plays or who is invited, but it'll be just like a competitive five-on-five game," Warner added. "I hope it happens."

It's all about timing, of course. Warner is definitely busy from late July through (hopefully) early February. And I suppose Warner, with just two years left in the NFL, could wait to play until football is over. But I'm guessing he'd like to make it happen before then. In the meantime, Warner gets to work on football again today at the OTA.

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