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N.Y. Giants vs. Cardinals

Cardinals Inactives
QB Brian St. Pierre (3rd QB)
LB Clark Haggans
T Elliot Vallejo
T Brandon Keith
DT Alan Branch
WR Early Doucet
TE Leonard Pope
TE Jerame Tuman

The Giants won the toss and elected to receive .

DRIVE START: N.Y. 29-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): 1st-10 Giant flagged for illegal formation, 2nd-12 DRC broke up a deep pass intended for Plaxico Burress
FINAL PLAY: Jeff Feagles punted the ball 51-yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, -2 yards, 1:45

DRIVE START: Arizona 21-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Facing a 3rd-9 Kurt Warner hooked up with Steve Breaston for a 17-yard completion.
FINAL PLAY: Neil Rackers connected on a 34-yard field goal
DRIVE TOTALS: 13 plays, 63 yards, 6:57

GiantsDRIVE START: N.Y. 20-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): On 2nd-6 Bertrand Berry sacked Eli Manning for a 6-yard loss.
FINAL PLAY: Feagles punted the ball 31-yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 4 plays, 17 yards, 2:24

CardinalsDRIVE START: Arizona 17-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Kenny Phillips broke up a pass on 3rd-14 forcing the Cards to punt
FINAL PLAY: Dirk Johnson punted the ball 50-yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, 1 yard, 1:05

DRIVE START: N.Y. 38-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): 4th-1 Derrick Ward rushed for one yard giving them a first down
FINAL PLAY: (continued in 2nd quarter)

Giants (continued from first quarter)DRIVE START: N.Y. 38-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): 4th-1 Derrick Ward rushed for one yard giving the Giants a first down, 3rd-3 Manning connected with Sinorce Moss for a 12-yard gain
FINAL PLAY: Derrick Ward rumbled in for a 1-yd to score
DRIVE TOTALS: 11 plays, 62 yards, 6:08

DRIVE START: N.Y. 42-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): J.J. Arrington returned the kickoff 55-yards, 3rd-7 Warner found Breaston for an 11-yard strike to keep the drive alive.
FINAL PLAY: Tim Hightower rushed four yards for a touchdown.
DRIVE TOTALS: 7 plays, 42 yards, 3:47

DRIVE START: Arizona 17- yard line
KEY PLAY(S): After the Cardinals were flagged for a penalty they were forced to re-kick and Domenik Hixon returned the kick 83-yards.
FINAL PLAY: John Carney connected on a 33-yard field goal
DRIVE TOTALS: 4 plays, 2 yards, 1:00

DRIVE START: Arizona 49 -yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Warner found Jerheme Urban for 32-yard strike
FINAL PLAY: Rackers connected on a 20-yard field goal
DRIVE TOTALS: 6 plays, 49 yards, 3:07

GiantsDRIVE START: Arizona 32-yard line
KEY PLAY(S):Hixon returned the kickoff 68-yards, Manning connected with Toomer for 12-yard score
FINAL PLAY: Toomer 12-yard score
DRIVE TOTALS: 6 plays, 32 yards, 2:41

DRIVE START: Arizona 34-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Warner found Urban for a 9-yard gain
FINAL PLAY: Dirk Johnson punted the ball 48-yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, 9 yards, 0:44

DRIVE START: N.Y. 9-yard line
FINAL PLAY: Feagles punted the ball 44 yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 3 plays, 5 yards, 0:19

DRIVE START: Arizona 42-yard line
FINAL PLAY: Rackers attemped a 68-yard field goal to end the half

DRIVE START: Arizona 24-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): 3rd-6 Warner found Urban for a 14-yard gain, Facing 3rd-9 Warner was sacked by Justin Tuck and fumbled the ball.
FINAL PLAY: The fumble was recovered by Mathias Kiwanuka
DRIVE TOTALS: 6 yards, 16 yards, 2:21

DRIVE START: Arizona 40-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Facing 3rd-2 Manning finds Steve Smith for a 30-yd gain.
FINAL PLAY: Manning finds Madison Hedgecock for a 2-yd score
DRIVE TOTALS:4 plays, 40 yards, 2:04

DRIVE START: Arizona 34-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): 3rd-10 Warner fumbled the snap for a 7-yard loss
FINAL PLAY: Johnson punts the ball 28-yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 5 plays 27 yards, 1:30

GiantsDRIVE START: N.Y. 16-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Facing 3rd-8 Aaron Francisco made a tackle to force the Giants to punt.
FINAL PLAY: Feagles punted the ball 45-yards
DRIVE TOTALS: 5 plays, 16 yards, 2:51

DRIVE START: Arizona 10-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): On third down Aaron Ross was flagged for pass interference on a pass intended for Fitzgerald extending the drive. In New York territory, Warner found Boldin for 15-yard gain.
FINAL PLAY: Hightower scored on a 1-yd run
DRIVE TOTALS: 12 plays, 90 yards, 4:40

Giants (continued from 3rd quarter)
DRIVE START: N.Y. 20-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): With Giants in Cardinals territory and facing 3rd-5 Manning found Smith for a gain nine, Manning found Kevin Boss for a 10-yard score
FINAL PLAY: Boss 10-yard touchdown
DRIVE TOTALS: 10 plays, 80 yards, 4:34

DRIVE START: Arizona 23-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): 2nd-7 Warner was picked off by Terrell Thomas
FINAL PLAY: Thomas returned the interception 13-yards

DRIVE START: Arizona 29-yard line
FINAL PLAY: John Carney connected on 27-yard field goal
DRIVE TOTALS: 7 plays, 20 yards, 4:13

DRIVE START: Arizona 48 -yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Warner hooked up Breaston for a gain of 32-yards putting the Cards inside the 10-yard line. Warner hit Boldin for a 5-yard score.
FINAL PLAY: Boldin 5-yard TD
DRIVE TOTALS: 6 plays, 52 yards, 2:15

DRIVE START: Arizona 46-yard line (following an onside kick attempt)
FINAL PLAY: Carney 33-yard field goal
DRIVE TOTALS: 6 plays, 30 yards, 2:07

DRIVE START: Arizona 31-yard line
KEY PLAY(S): Boldin 12-yard reception to start drive
FINAL PLAY: Rackers 44-yard field goal
DRIVE TOTALS: 8 plays, 43 yards, 1:23

Giantsrecover on-side kick and take a knee to end the game

Final Score Cardinals 29 - Giants 37

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