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No coaching future for Warner

It was interesting to check in with QB coach Chris Miller and Kurt Warner about their relationship, given Warner is so experienced. It also piqued my interest in talking to Warner about coaching – a natural possibility given his personality and knowledge. So many fans have told me they hoped Warner would end up on the coaching staff when he was done (at one point, after QB coach Jeff Rutledge was let go and before Miller was hired, some wanted Warner to be a player-coach). But I have long said Warner would never coach, because he has greater things to accomplish in his life once his playing days were over. Still, I never really talked to him about it.

I finally did yesterday. And no surprise, Warner's thought process was exactly that:

"I really think I would enjoy it and I really think I would have something to offer young players at the position and the way I see the game," Warner said. "But the flip side, I have been so blessed whether it be financially or other opportunities, I can't imagine committing that much time to the job with the kids that I have and the things I want to do.

"I don't ever foresee coaching in my future, and it is 100 percent because of the time. If it were the same schedule, or a 9-to-5 job where I could come in and have an impact and then go home and be with my family, I would definitely consider it. But otherwise, it's probably not in my future plans."

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