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On Vick and autographs

Two subjects that don't go together, yes, but given the circumstances, I wanted to touch on both. The NFL officially released commissioner Roger Goodell's decision about Michael Vick's reinstatement today -- two preseason games, and the possibility of playing as soon as Week 6 if he keeps his nose clean, which isn't really a suspension because he's been out of the game so long any team that signed him would likely leave him on the PUP list to get ready, which would mean he couldn't play until Week 6 anyway (And PUP is Physically-Unable-to-Perform, not some terrible joke). Not that it matters much here, I don't think. GM Rod Graves shot down any Vick interest in May. After seeing some of the e-mails this team got around that time just from the rumor of the Cards being interested, it's going to be tough for any team to weather the backlash from fans. That said, I figure at some point, someone will give Vick a chance. (CLARIFICATION: A player must miss six games if on the PUP list, not six weeks -- there could be a bye in there -- so that isn't a factor. Vick apparently would have to miss at least four games or maybe five given the wording of the reinstatement). (AND AN EDIT: Stupid me. Reader Ben reminded me that if you practice/play in training camp, you can't be on the PUP list. I should've just stuck with the fact the Cards won't be looking at Vick).

As for the autographs, here are details from the autograph session before the Red-and-White practice Aug. 8 in Flagstaff. It will begin in Walkup Skydome at 10:45 a.m. and end at 11:05 a.m. The players then have a few minutes to walk over to the practice fields for their work. The session is for kids 12-and-under, so please understand that going in. Also understand that, since players are off from that afternoon until meetings Sunday night, most will be high-tailing it back to Phoenix for their first down time since camp started, meaning autographs afterward will be hard to come by. If you want autographs and were born before 1997, might I suggest coming to any other practice? The crowd is usually smaller, at least some of the big-name players stop by each day, and there's no age restriction.

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