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Phillip Sims Goes Easy On The Eyes

Fighting for a roster spot, rookie quarterback passed on trying to fix eye issues


Cardinals quarterback Phillip Sims throws a pass during Sunday's training camp practice.

When we last left Phillip Sims, the quarterback had already gotten himself improbably into the mix to be third-string quarterback following a tryout on rookie camp weekend and that was with some relatively poor eyesight.

So the plan was to get some kind of correction once the offseason break started so Sims would be ready for training camp.

Except it didn't happen.

"There was no procedure," Sims acknowledged. "I was supposed to get contacts but I haven't gotten them yet. Nothing has changed. I'm playing out here the same way I've been playing for 22 years."

As Sims explained in June, that meant less than ideal eyesight. He sees 20/50 in his right eye (meaning people with perfect vision can see at 50 feet what Sims must be only 20 feet away to see) and 20/100 in his left eye. It is surprising in some ways that he's been able to quarterback this far.

Sims reiterated that fixing his sight, according to the doctor, could make things more clear or could actually be jarring when he'd see something he wasn't used to seeing. He thought about Lasik surgery, but that would mean he'd have to avoid doing much physical for a couple of weeks and "in the situation I'm in you can't afford two weeks off."

Sims, who does wear glasses to drive, is battling Logan Thomas and Chandler Harnish for a roster spot.

"I've been playing this way for 22 years and it's gotten me this far, so we'll see if it takes me further," Sims said.

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