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Q has been through this before

Sometimes I wish there was more important news going on than a player's agent decisions, but right now, deep into the offseason, even with work going on on the field, there is not. So – unless Anquan decides to shock the world and return to voluntary work tomorrow, which I'm not expecting – we'll wrap up this Boldin/Rosenhaus storyline today and get back to your regularly scheduled OTA talk tomorrow. (EDIT: For anyone wondering, I don't see why Boldin will be there tomorrow when he wasn't here today. He started this process late last week and he wasn't leaking the news Rosenhaus was out. It makes no sense to me he would come Wednesday and skip today.)

Like I said earlier, there is no way to know what this means going forward for Boldin and the team, if anything. No one knows who the new agent will be (I am guessing – and it's purely a guess – with the Tom Condon/Ben Dogra firm) or what the new dynamic will mean. There is still plenty of water under the bridge between Q and the team, regardless of Rosenhaus' role. Of course, today's news could be used as a conciliatory gesture by Boldin – if that's what he wants.

That's all speculation, of course. As for facts, I find it interesting that Boldin is changing because he has history in such matters. While Rosenhaus has been his agent since 2004, Boldin is about to hire the fourth agent of his NFL career. Boldin originally had Darrell Wills, who was later decertified in Boldin's first year (coincidentally, Wills once worked for Condon and got into trouble when the NFLPA found Wills, who left to form his own agency, poached Condon's clients). Then Boldin went with Ken Sarnoff before Rosenhaus arrived on the scene, much to Sarnoff’s irritation. Then Rosenhaus worked out Boldin's current deal, and everything was good, up until last offseason, post-Fitz's new deal. And here we are.

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