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Q talk musings

It's really amazing how much media play Anquan Boldin tradeability is still getting, even with the draft over. You have Andy Reid explaining why the Eagles wouldn't want to make a run at him at draft time – "Let's just say it was a one and a three and a five, a Roy Williams deal," Reid told WIP radio. "That's a lot of picks and then you have to pay the guy $10 million. You're getting hit on both sides. … That's probably what backed people off." – and you have Miami writers saying the Dolphins will continue to monitor the situation and that the Dolphins need to pull the trigger. And there are still plenty of Bears fans wishing and hoping they can still get Q.

I still don't think Boldin goes anywhere. Q made it clear he didn't think the team tried very hard to deal him, but in the end, both he and the team could be arguing the same side of the coin. The Cardinals are better off with him, so unless a team is going to give up a king's ransom, why would the Cards want to dump him (especially when, after making the trade exploration public, the Cards kept saying the first choice was to keep Boldin)? Absent that ransom, why wouldn't Q stay? Of course all these other teams would want Boldin if they can get him for a trade bargain. Who wouldn't?

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