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Some Cards Check Out D.C.


After sightseeing Tuesday, Cardinals' Onrea Jones, Steve Breaston, Michael Adams and Wilrey Fontenot (left to right) tape a send-off for NFL Films.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The museum trip wasn't quite enough for Michael Adams.

He wanted to see more than just the International Spy Museum, which was the original intent of the trip into the city. So the practice-squad cornerback convinced his three Cardinals teammates – wide receiver Steve Breaston and fellow practice squad men Wilrey Fontenot, a cornerback, and Onrea Jones, a receiver, to see some of the sights.

That was cool with the three-man NFL Films crew following the quartet around; more fodder for their "Six Days To Sunday" piece they are putting together on the


Cardinals this week as the team stays in Virginia. (The package is scheduled to air Sunday on NFL Network).

It was also cool with Breaston, who was ready to escape the confines of the Tysons Corner Marriott a little longer.

"It's better than sitting in a hotel and eating McDonald's all day," Breaston said.

A handful of teammates chose to go to the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia. That left Breaston's Spy Museum group small, despite the camera crew and the presence of media relations man Chris Melvin.

But Adams, a one-time broadcasting major in college, was in his element. Asked on the bus ride into the city by NFL Films if he would wear a portable microphone, Adams jumped at the chance.

"For my 15 minutes of fame, I'll wire up, I'll run laps, I'll do whatever you need me to do," said Adams, who was on the active roster for part of 2007.

The Capitol was one possible stop, but deemed too far to walk. They wanted to see the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial. Those were the other way, and the course was set.

They looked like any other tourists, save for the "nerd" glasses and beret/wig combination Adams wore after buying them at the Spy Museum gift shop. They stopped for hot dogs at one curbside vendor, they bought firecracker popsicles at another. They posed for pictures in front of the White House. (For pictures, check out the photo gallery).

OK, the film crew documenting their moves drew some attention, but not much on a Tuesday afternoon and the tourist traffic light.

After a stop at the World War II memorial, the group came around the corner to see the Reflecting Pool leading to the Lincoln Memorial. Breaston views the scene of Martin Luther King's famous speech and yells, "Forrest Gump!"

(Disclaimer: Breaston knew about King. But he said the Reflecting Pool scene from the movie came to mind first).

The walk leading up to Lincoln led to some philosophical discussion, like how the architect of some of Washington's most famous monuments was chosen.

"So they say, 'Lincoln was a good guy, let's give him a building,' " Adams wondered aloud. "Then who does it?"

Lincoln was reached. The journey – at least, the one this afternoon -- was over.

The NFL Films crew was looking for a final send-off to the day. Ultimately, the four said something about saying goodbye to D.C. and hello to New York – where the Cards will head Saturday to play the Jets Sunday.

But Adams, staring at King's "I have a dream" quote etched into the stone, tried to come up with something different.

"I have a dream," Adams began, "where one day, in the collective bargaining agreement, all players are created equal."

"And," Fontenot chimed in, "all contracts are guaranteed."

The four piled into a nearby NFL Films van. The only guarantee was that practice was coming Wednesday.


Of Anquan Boldin's 17 catches this season, 14 have accounted for first downs. Only Denver's Brandon Marshall, with 16 first-down catches (out of 24 receptions) has more.

Defensive end Bertrand Berry, who has a sack in each of the first three games, has sacks in three straight games for the first time in his career.

Despite their offense's painful three-and-out series at the end of the Washington game, the Cardinals have just four three-and-out series this season, tied for the fewest in the NFL.

The Cardinals have only played the Jets six times, and last beat the Jets in 1975 – losing four straight since then.

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