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Well, I was going to blog after the Eagles' win today, but I was just able to get back on – seems like the web traffic after this historic turn of events was a little much for the site to handle. Go figure. Sure, I wanted back on, but at the same time, there couldn't be a better reason to be frustrated.

A home game for the right to get into the Super Bowl -- just unreal. Surreal, as one of my colleagues put it. Weren't we just spending a 13-hour odyssey on the trip back from New England, wondering what happened?

I was fortunate to get a minute to talk to coach Ken Whisenhunt in the hotel lobby in Carolina the morning of yesterday's game. He asked me how the ride had been for me – and that's the thing, we all watch the players and the coaches but I also get a chance to see all the other staff running this franchise behind the scenes. So many have been around for a few years, for so many lean times. This is just as much for them. It's just as much for the fans who have stuck through the bad seasons, and the ones who find their way to road games.

Beating the Panthers in that way was unexpected in its dominance. The ground game has come around – Tim Hightower had an astounding 12 straight carries (in 12 plays) on the Cards' final field-goal drive. Fitz was unbelievable. The defense was spectacular.

Now come the Eagles, a team that took care of the Cards pretty easily on Thanksgiving. Was it just about the short week? Perhaps. Will the Cards be considered a heavy underdog again? Maybe.

Somehow, at least for today, that doesn't seem to matter. Tickets for the biggest game in Cards' history sold out in six minutes. There will be some Eagles fans there, I'm sure, but after watching the Wild Card game, I can barely imagine what the atmosphere will be like Sunday.

A possible Super Bowl for the Cardinals? Seriously, can you even put that concept into words right now?

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