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2012 NFL Draft: Fan Reaction


Storified by Arizona Cardinals · Sat, Apr 28 2012 19:59:02 @AZCardinals outstanding....o-line will be improved and I look for us to have a top 10 run game #cardsdraftChris Joslin
Congrats to those drafted this weekend, (esp my ND boys) and to those who werent, go take what u deserve...Chris Stewart
@AZCardinals Let's see how many make it out of training camp. Cos it looks good on paper! #CardsDraftJesse Leman
While the #cardsdraft didn't go after big name OL; glad to see them bring in solid college performers to increase competition in campJason Quay
Solid draft #CardsDraft. Built offensive line, CB, SFTY, and everyone forgot about Floyd already. B Scott W R Abbott
Very very excited to see what happens with #birdgang this year! Especially Oline and CBs #CardsDraftBrythan Benfer
Why I love #CardsDraft - It's not a reactionary draft focused only on next-year impacts. It's building a team for the long-term.Daniel Parsons
Can't explain how excited I am to be a #Cardinal. Looking forward to heading out to the desert soon.Ryan Lindley
Like what the Cards are doing in the draft, taking care of there needs and than some.#CardsDraftRandy Viar
As much as I want to stay up for the 7th rounder, its way past my bedtime here in Afghanistan #birdgang #cardsdraft goodnight.David Robinson
This Bethel pick for #cardsdraft has got me intrigued; could challenge for the backup S position and be a stud on STJason Quay
I don't see a issue with drafting Lindley. I think it's gonna make Training Camp that much more intriguing! #CardsDraftEmilee Nasci
Home from work. One pick left. Where did this draft go? Like Lindley, need an LB in the 7th. #birdgang #cardsdraftEric Judd
@mikejurecki Looks like the Cards are cornering the market for safeties famous for jumping over things on Youtube #CardsDraftMichael
Bethel is great value at this point in the draft. Probably would have went higher if he went to a big school. Freak athlete. #CardsDraftKevin Bonneville
@AZCardinals focus in the right place, stacking up that O line. #nfldraft #CardsDraftJameil Palmer
some good DE/OLBs left on the board #cardsdraftJesse Leman
@AZCardinals Tell these rookies they heve new fans so they need twitter accounts!! #cardsdraft #birdgangReverend James J
Washington G/T Senio Kelemete is the Cards' 5th round pick. Played last 2 seasons at T, but seen as better fit as GCraig Morgan
#BIRDGANG just grabbed a Guard from Washington who had 40 starts. I definitely approve. #CardsDraftzach hatlestad
Massie is raw but plays hard. #Cardinals like his upside. And they didn't have to reach to get him in 3rd. #CardsDraftDave Pasch
Just got in and see we managed to snare Massie in the 4th round. Great work Whiz and Graves for sticking to your guns on BPA #cardsdraftPhil Lewis
#Cardsdraft finally start looking to get some line help.Keep it coming Cards we need more of the same.Ernesto Iafrate
MASSIE is a great value in the 4TH. great pick #CARDSDRAFTAnthony J. Neal
Love what I am hearing on Massie. Sounds like they have their right tackle for next season. #CardsDraftKevin Bonneville
Cards having a great draft!! Michael Floyd, Jamell Fleming and Bobbie Massie!! Go CARDINALS!! #CardsDraft #BirdgangRYAN EILERS
We got us a Tackle ! Great pick in the 4th rd. #CardsDraft #birdgangJerry C.
Wouldn't mind seeing the #Cardinals take Massie/Sanders/Potter at OT. Or Emmanuel Acho, Ronnell Lewis or Jared Crick for the D #CardsDraftTom Donlan
Positions #Arizona should look at on day 3: OT (umm), OLB, WR (speed) 5tech DE, SS, ILB. #cardsdraftEric Judd
@JamellFleming Welcome 2 the fam. We are lucky 2 have u. Your a heck of a player. But I still have 2 go 2 work on u 1st day of practice. LolLarry Fitzgerald
Like Cards taking DB Fleming,know the DC is saying they need good CB's & plenty of 'em lol. Still good shot at landing O-lineman #CardsDraftchadwick haverland
The @AZCardinals have drafted 38 players from the University of Oklahoma #Sooners #GoCards #CardsDraftJake Cribbs
No pick for the #birdgang in round 2 makes for a really long wait until round 3! #CardsDraftTerrel
Too bad the Cards don't have a 2nd, but no big worries. The third round the Cards have found some real gems #CardsDraftKyle Zorz
Fitz Floyd = Fantastic Future! Check him out on Sport Science - #CardsDraft #CardsDraftGuy
No surprise with the Cards picking Floyd last night, they definitely needed someone to take the attn. off @LarryFitzgerald #CardsDraftSeth Tavis
FFF! Fitz, Floyd, Finish! #cardsdraftDriesen
#LetsBeBlunt, the #CardsDraft of Micheal Floyd has gotten the whole #BirdGang juiced for the 2012 season! #ThisIsOurSeason!John P.
@AZCardinals love the cards pick of floyd. #cardsdraftadam owen
Michael Floyd!!! Gonna be a tough duo to stop with @LarryFitzgerald!! #CardsDraft @AZCardinals so happy with the pick!! bout to order jers!Cody Cummings
Welcome Michael Floyd to the #Birdgang Great addition @AZCardinals!!! #BESTINTHEWEST #CardsDraftJesse Arrington
Larry Fitzgerald, Todd Heap, Early Doucet, Andre Roberts, and now Michael Floyd... get off me dawg #CardsDraftJoe Albert Gastelo
So excited for the floyd & fitzgerald, gonna open up the defense like boldin and fitz did a couple years ago #cardsdraftMarshall Taylor
Welcome Floyd lets get to work and win the west #birdgang can't wait for rookie night bring ya Amex!DARNELL DOCKETT
C'mon Cards lets get Michael Floyd. #CardsDraft #2013SuperBowlChampsMax Ficarro
Alright i hope the cardinals draft (i don't wanna say his name cause I'll jinx it) but his name rhymes with Cycle Bloyd #CardsDraftAlan Duran
I can't wait until pick #13 #CardsDraft so looking forward to seeing who the AZ Cardinals get. Go Cards!!Jim Brunelli
@AZCardinals let's make some moves this weekend!! Super Bowl or bust! #cardsdraftAndrew Konen
let's get help for our QB #4 Kevin Kolb!!! doesn't matter if its Offense or Defense #CardsDraftAlex L. Brakmo
@AZCardinals let's do this today!! Let's beef up our off. Line to keep our qb safe and take the nfc this year!!! GO CARDS!! #cardsdraftKevin Baney
Come on #Cardinals fans... lets trend #CardsDraftCardinalsFan
So excited today is Draft Day! Looking forward to the @AZCardinals especially! #CardsDraft #DraftDayDanielle Arcadi
If Floyd isn't avail at #13, I believe WR Ty Hilton from FIU and ASU's own WR Gerell Robinson could be this years WR sleepers! #CardsDraftMaaario
Best wishes to the front office for the draft weekend. #CardsDraft will be like no other - you can do it!!!M.Heim
@AZCardinals #CardsDraft I hope the Cards dont trade down, go with bst plyr avail and I hope it's either WR or DE. OL later roundJesse Garcia
#CardsDraft brain trust has proven they can find talent in any round, never know who will be the next #birdgang beast!Dan Alexander

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