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The Cardinals and Heap

One of the popular rumors going around right now with regards to any potential Anquan Boldin trade is the idea of the Ravens sending a draft pick (reportedly a first-rounder) and tight end Todd Heap for Q. To me, it doesn't make sense for the Cards, because I don't know why they would want Heap.

At first glance, I am sure that takes some people back. The Cards need a standout tight end, right? Heap is a one-time Pro Bowler, right? Maybe and yes. But this is now, and again, it doesn't make sense to me. To begin with, the report out of Baltimore is that the Ravens wouldn't mind dumping Heap because he has clashed with coach John Harbaugh (a close friend of Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, by the way) in part because Heap hasn't been tough enough. If that's true, I don't see how he would fit in Arizona. Second, Heap is actually older than Boldin, coming into the league in 2001. He's already played eight seasons, and looking at his stats, it would sure seem his prime years are past. His salaries the next three seasons are $3.6M, $4M and $4.6M, so he isn't cheap – and right now, his stats don't justify the salary. And finally, I don't know if he is that much of an improvement over the Cards' current stable of tight ends. He has a name, yes, especially here in the Valley. But a name doesn't score touchdowns or block for running backs (He did, however, absorb one wicked blow from Adrian Wilson a couple of years ago).

Again, this is also putting Heap in context. Would he step in and be the favorite to start? Sure. But is he worth – along with an unproven rookie – getting rid of Q?

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