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The Polarizing Effect of Leinart

Matt Leinart generates a lot of strong feelings, positive and negative. I get that. The Facebook posting of my notes package from yesterday -- in which the lead note used a Whisenhunt quote about Leinart as an entry into how camp has been drama-free -- turned into a commenting battle about Leinart. Fair enough. But then a San Francisco Chronicle writer blogged a piece criticizing Leinart for things on his Twitter page -- except of course, Leinart made it clear in June he doesn't use Twitter or Facebook or any of those things. It's weird how this writer -- who I don't believe is a sports writer -- took such in interest.

I get how some Cardinals fans wanted Kurt Warner to play and that they thought Kurt was getting a raw deal last year having to compete with Leinart after 2007. I get how others wanted Leinart in because they were worried about Warner's age, or maybe because they were just big Leinart fans. What I have never really been able to understand is those out there who seemingly can't stand Leinart just because he is Leinart -- and that, shockingly to me, includes some Cardinals fans. Even if you want Warner to be the guy (or, for some, Brian St. Pierre for that matter) or even if you think Leinart was/is overrated or didn't work hard enough earlier in his career, to root for him to fail or to revel in it ... well, that I don't get.

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