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The Question For Q


Wide receiver Anquan Boldin comes out to the cheers of Arizona fans prior to the "Monday Night Football" game earlier this season.

He does the "Pahokee" and runs over the Seahawks for 186 yards receiving Sunday and he's doing it all with seven plates in his face.

What Anquan Boldin hasn't done is reconcile his future in Arizona.

It's not an out-of-left-field thought; I get e-mails all the time on the subject,


wondering about Boldin's status given the wide receiver's comments in training camp that he didn't want to stay. Watching him dominate on the field only increases the interest.

This much is certain -- the Cardinals plan on having Boldin around long-term. General manager Rod Graves declined to talk much about Boldin or any of the Cards' possible contract situations, but he clearly is optimistic when it comes to Boldin.

Hearing Graves talk about Boldin, it's easy to see why. Graves called Boldin "the heart and soul" of the Cardinals, noting that "someone like Anquan helps us not only on the field but in the locker room."

In all honesty, it's hard to imagine Boldin in any other uniform.

Last week I talked to Boldin about a couple of subjects, including his contract situation. I specifically asked him if, despite all the statements made during training camp, if he thought there could be a future for him in Arizona.

He punted the question. He didn't say no, but he didn't say yes either. The vague answer about figuring it out after the season came to mind Tuesday morning when I heard a report on XTRA 910 that Boldin was still angry at the franchise over his contract.

The team still wants to find a way to re-do Boldin's deal, which runs through 2010. But would Boldin decline to sign a new deal on principal? If there was any player who could do it, it would be Q – but I also believe that a fair market offer will draw Boldin to sign on the dotted line.

In the meantime, it's fun watching Boldin carve out a magnificent season.


Safety Adrian Wilson was cleared by the NFL Tuesday for his hit on Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck after the league reviewed the play. It was an interesting 24 hours-plus on the subject, with a whole lot of talk resulting in nothing. The Cardinals always felt Wilson had not done anything wrong. The video proved it, although when Hasselbeck himself took back what he had said on the subject, it made even less sense for punishment.

Here's the thing, however. This is what is going to happen with Wilson from now on. There will be a hold-the-breath moment (or day, like in the Hasselbeck situation) every time Wilson hits a guy, especially a quarterback. It may not be fair – I just have never viewed Wilson as a dirty player – but it's his reputation now.

It's also too bad because Wilson is playing well right now. He deserves serious Pro Bowl consideration. Here's hoping this other talk doesn't overshadow his effort.


The Cardinals lead the league in takeaways with 22, including a league-best 12 fumble recoveries.

Kurt Warner is averaging 315.5 yards passing per game, on pace – along with the Saints' Drew Brees – to surpass 5,000 yards passing.

The Cardinals have allowed just six sacks the past six games, despite Warner averaging 35 pass attempts in that span.

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