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The Warners write a book

OK, it's an off day, but with things slow, here is one blog item I have been meaning to get to: Kurt Warner has another book coming out.

"It's actually a book my wife and I did together, more of a family/relationship book rather than a football book," Warner said of "First Things First," which is due out at the end of the month. "It puts in perspective of life in this business with seven kids and what goes into making that work."

Warner opens the book against the backdrop of the Super Bowl against Pittsburgh; the killer Harrison interception, the last TD pass to Fitz, yet coming up short, but goes on to say the loss, while it "stinks" doesn't define him as a person. (And by the way, the pic below is from Amazon so you can't search inside here. Go here.)

"It's kind of fun to let people know … it gets people inside of who we are, rather than just another, 'Here's my story,' " Warner said. "That part is fun. But the process of (writing a book), having to read it and re-read it and putting it together isn't the most fun. Especially when you have a lot of other stuff going on. But when you see the final product, you're happy with it."

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