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The worth of a wide receiver

Interesting today that, on the day Randy Moss was traded by the Patriots to the Vikings than Kent Somers addressed the elephant in the room when it comes to the Cards' current quarterback situation -- the future of wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

The first thing that crossed my mind when it came to Moss is, while the guy is a great talent, he cannot be considered one of the greats. Why? Because a great is not traded four times. I understand one deal, or one free-agent jump at the end of a career. It happens, and it happens to a lot of talented players. But Moss has now been traded from Minnesota to Oakland to New England and back to Minnesota -- shockingly so, by the way, because of the way he acted there the first time -- and he still can play at a high level.

Only one reason for that. He's not worth it long-term.

Fitz, on the other hand, is worth it.

That's why, as Kent writes and as those of us around the team have talked about at length, figuring out the quarterback situation is so huge. Fitzgerald is basically in a contract year this year. His deal is set to expire after the 2011 season and the Cards can't franchise or trade him (no-trade clause) so they need to extend him. And they want to. Of course, not only can Fitzgerald ask for the moon after this season, he will also be deciding if he wants to. A wide receiver is only as good as the guy throwing him the ball -- Fitz's numbers are down this season, and it's not because he suddenly is playing poorly, or because he was hurt. It's because of the issues at QB.

I am sure that will be a topic discussed many, many more times in the future. Today, it just underscores why some talented guys bounce around this league despite their skills, and others with skills are to be held on to tight.