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Three Big Things: Seahawks Week

A look at the top storylines for Sunday's game

3 Big Things_AT_SEA_21


The three biggest things to watch for Sunday when the Cardinals play the Seahawks at Lumen Field in Seattle:

Kyler Or Colt (Or Streveler)

Stop me if you've heard this before (OK, don't, because you have and it unfortunately remains the biggest story around this team) but Kyler Murray is a likely game-day decision this week. At least publicly; it's not like Colt McCoy is finding out Sunday morning he is starting. Murray in the parts of practice that have been open looks much better than he has. Does that mean he'd actually play the game before the bye, or do the Cards give him extra time to heal? McCoy has his own issues, with a pec injury that could creep back into being a problem if he plays and is hit the wrong way. One positive – the Cardinals did not sign a quarterback this week, so they obviously have faith either Murray or McCoy will be ready. Maybe both.

Not So DangeRuss

Russell Wilson, in his own words, rehabbed "19 to 20 hours a day" trying to get back from his finger injury. So he returned, and his first game back didn't go well. The Seahawks were shut out for the first time in a decade, many of Wilson's passes just weren't Russ-like. Maybe it was just rust. But it's possible that the original 6-to-8 week comeback timeline was there for a reason. Maybe Wilson isn't quite ready yet. Reports say he still only slaps hands with his teammates with his left hand – not a big deal normally, but if he is still feeling protective of a hand that is exposed every time he drops back to pass, maybe it does mean something. Of course, Wilson has been hellish on the Cardinals most of his career, so expecting anything less than an escape artist turning nothing into something often wouldn't be a smart move either. How Wilson plays Sunday – and how the Cardinals' defense bounces back from last week's troubles – will go a long way in deciding the winner.

NoteCards week 11

NoteCards 2021 Week 11 vs. Seahawks

Don't Die Before The Bye

No, this isn't a must-win. The Cardinals' great start – and stumbles by other NFC teams, especially the Rams of late – made sure of that. Losing three of four isn't a death knell, not when three of those games could be without your best player/starting quarterback. But there is something to be said both about playing a competitive game – which the Cards did not do against the Panthers – and, more importantly, winning one on the road. It isn't as if the Seahawks aren't dangerous, but they also aren't very good. The defense has struggled much of the season; the running game has been ravaged by injuries. The Cards have been waiting for this much-needed bye. Winning, on the road, going into it would be a nice Thanksgiving boost.